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South of the James Farmers’ Market switches to winter location this Saturday

Saturday’s Basket – Kermit Eggplant in Tamari Sauce

I had the fortunate opportunity to stop at the Tomtem Farm stand at the market the other weekend where I picked up a new find, Kermit Eggplant. Not knowing a thing about it (and having never seen it before), I had a chat with the farmers and learned a thing or two in addition to […]

Saturday’s Basket – Roasted Broccoli and Feta Orzo

Every Saturday I am a little more amazed at how great the South of the James Market really is.  This past Saturday proved to be even better with the neighborhood yard sale running in tandem…it meant an early visit and an end-of-market visit for me.   The first time around I noticed broccoli was aplenty so […]

Vote for your Favorite Farmers’ Market

“American Farmland Trust holds the annual America’s Favorite Farmers Markets™ contest to raise national awareness about the importance of buying fresh food from local farms and saving the farmland where it’s grown. Market shoppers will vote to support their favorite farmers market starting June 1 at 12:00 PM until midnight on August 31, 2011.” Let’s […]

Saturday’s Basket-Farmer’s Market Omelette

It’s so satisfying to bike over to the neighborhood Farmer’s Market to pick up a few fresh ingredients for breakfast.  At South of the James you can find every ingredient needed for a hearty, healthy start-to-the-day. 

Saturday’s Basket – Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Aside from the sauce, you can purchase almost everything you need for this recipe from the market.  When I saw a tightly wrapped, pale green, beautiful head of butter lettuce at the Victory Farms stand, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I also picked up a bunch of cilantro from them and grabbed […]

Saturday’s Basket – Garlic Cannellini Beans and Fresh Spinach

Welcome home, South of the James Market!  If you are like me, the past few months without the Saturday market have been, well, boring.  Trips to the grocery store just don’t share the same excitement as rising early, surrounding yourself with neighbors and perusing delectable treats in the sunshine.   My first purchase of the season […]

So You Want to be a Farmers’ Market Vendor?

The Winter Farmers’ is going to continue at it’s location on Forest Hill Avenue (next to Blockbusters) every Saturday from 10 – 12 through April. Support for the Winter Market has grown to about 25 vendors but there is room for a few more. The vendor application for the Winter Market or other 2011 markets […]

Saturday’s Basket – Eggplant Parmesan

Since we’ve been saturated by all-things-traditional Thanksgiving, I thought I would write my last summer post about a recipe far from any holiday dish I ever knew growing up.  This one is a market favorite because so many vendors have multiple varieties of Eggplant throughout the season and, since it is breaded and pan fried, […]

Saturday’s Basket-Pan Roasted Kohlrabi and Brussels Sprouts

It was a crisp Saturday morning at the market and there were still plenty of foodies to be found plus a few new selections in the produce department-one of which being a cousin to cabbage, kohlrabi.  For those of you not familiar with kohlrabi, it is a crazy looking, softball-sized, bulbous vegetable that resembles a […]

Honey & Cinnamon Pear Granola

Since I skipped the market this past Saturday for one last weekend at the beach, I decided to write about a treat I made from a previous pick-up. Knowing I have a tendency to let healthy eating go out the window when I visit the beach with friends, I wanted to make a healthy, crunchy […]

Graziano Gift to Raise Money for Forest Hill Park

The staff of City Council President, Kathy Graziano (Fourth District), has devised a unique way to raise money for the Friends of Forest Hill Park. In honor of Mrs. Graziano’s birthday August 16th, the staff commissioned a painting of the South of the James Market. The 16’x24” watercolor was executed by renowned local artist Eleanor […]

South of the James Winter Market Gets Shout Out

Local food blog, River City Food and Wine gave a shout out to local coffee roaster, Blanchard’s Coffee and Chocolates by Kelly, which they discovered while visiting the first, and so far only, South of the James Winter Market. Does anyone have confirmation that the market will be open December 26th in its winter home […]

SOJ Market Vendor Written Up on Style Weekly

Did you see the funky school bus full of fresh veggies last Saturday at the SOJ Market? The bus and its owner has an interesting story and plan to take fresh produce to those who can’t make it to the farmer’s markets that have been springing up around town: “It was very emotional,” says Lilly, […]

South Of James Market Open July 4

Thank goodness the market WILL be open Fourth of July. I was starting to worry about where I was gonna load up on produce and neighborlyness! 

Couple Farmer’s Market Items

To say that the South of the Jame’s Farmer’s Maket has been a success would be an understatement. Every weekend is crowded with folks taking advantage of all the wonderful items for sale. A few items need to be addressed to insure that it continues to be a success. Dogs: Part of the event has […]

Pet Adoption Event at South of the James Market

June 6th the South of the James Market will partner with Richmond Animal Control to have a pet adoption event. The event will run the usual 8-12 hours, and be to the right just as you enter the market, under the trees, so there is some shade for the animals. This event will be held […]

Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts Seeking Donations

Did you know that the building that will house the new PHSSA has no furniture? No kitchen equipment? No BOOKS? It’s easy to assume that when AV Norrel was closed, that all they did was lock it up and walk away. It’s just really an empty shell that you can help refill. Look for PHSSA’s […]

South of the James Market Opens May 2

I had to restrain myself from using multiple exclamation points in the headline. I really enjoy the SOJ market. There are so many yummy goodies and it brings together the neighborhood in a wonderful bed-headed way. Bring your reusable grocery bags and head down to the picnic shelters at Forest Hill Park from 8am to […]

South of the James Farmer’s Market Vendors

Did you make it to the South of the James Farmer’s Market last year? This popular Saturday event starts back up may 2 at the picnic shelters at Forest Hill Park and I’m unduly excited. It’s all so good. We like to get there early on a Saturday and grab a latte and some breakfast. […]

a colder day at the South of the James market

Richmond Food Collective visited the next-to-last of the South of the James markets yesterday and enjoyed the slower pace that the colder weather has brought: The market was quiet. I usually go to South of the James on Saturday mornings and the mad rush, and the sea of shoppers had this Saturday finally given way […]

South of the James Market through November

The South of the James Market will be continued through November. Also, the market will be open on Sat.Dec.6 for a holiday market. For more information, contact market manager Karen Atkinson at 513-3100 or [via]

Let’s not go to the market

…because it won’t be there tomorrow. Weather concerns forced cancellation of tomorrow’s offering, however some of the usual suspects are apparently setting up shop Sunday @ Broad & Staples Mill.

MarketVibe Chefs Challenge

At tomorrow’s rendition of the South of the James Market, 4th District Council representative Kathy Graziano and her culinary-minded sons will compete against a team of chefs from Positive Vibe Cafe in the MarketVibe Chefs Challenge. Like something straight out of Top Chef, the teams will purchase all items from the market offerings and prepare […]

Style on The Market

Today’s Style talks up the South of the James Market, specifically the offerings from Simply Southern Pies.

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