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4th District School meeting

School Board Work Session Update

From Kristen Larson’s (4th District School Board Member) Facebook page. Last night at the Board work session, we spent a large amount of time discussing rezoning/school closures. We used rezoning committee data, student enrollment, facility reports and academic data during our discussion. I asked the administration to put all of these documents online for folks […]

RPS Board to vote on budget, two schools and central office jobs on the chopping block

The Richmond School Board votes on the RPS budget tonight. As it stands the deficit of $11.6 million will be addressed through a combinations of closing 2 schools, reducing staff and spending from from the central office staff, alter or cancel existing contracts with vendors to consolidate some services with the city and reducing insurance options for […]

Political games begin with new school board

Everything I had read and people I had talked to had assumed that Kimberly Gray would be the next School Board president. Once again I underestimated the RVA political scene and a brand new member of the school board with no education experience but who has close ties to the mayor was elected as school […]

Message from Kristen Larson, School Board Elect, 4th District

Dear 4th District Neighbors, My name is Kristen Larson and I am your newly elected School Board Representative, 4th District.  I will be sworn into office in January 2013 for a 4-year term.  I will be working with our city council representative Kathy Graziano to keep you updated via meetings and written communication in a way best reaches the […]

Newly elected school board member Mamie Taylor looking to work with citizens

  Thanks to Byrd Park for posting the following. School Board member-elect, Mamie Taylor is looking for input from her constituents. On Friday, November 17 at 7pm, those who would like to help cultivate a consensus in the 5th district communities are invited to a public organizing meeting at the Randolph Community Center.

School board candidates get some press

The RTD article is supposedly about the Mayor’s son Derik E. Jones running for the 8th District school board seat but more time is spent on the 4th District candidates, Kristen Larson, Rich Savage and Vanessa Womack Easter.

Former PHSSA board member making a run at School Board

Kristen Larson who has served as Vice President of the Patrick Henry School board talked with Chris Dovi of Richmond about running for the 4th District School board seat. Adria Graham Scott the current 4th District board member is not running for re-election. “I’m running for School Board because I think we need more […]

4th District School Board Seat and Others to be Open Next Election

Not only has Adria A. Graham Scott of the 4th District announced that she won’t be seeking re-election but Council Chair Kim Bridges and Evette L. Wilson of the 9th District have also announced that they won’t be running in November. Graham Scott, elected to the board in 2008, had announced her intention to not […]

Community Calls on School Board to get the facts on PHSSA

Below are some excerpts from letters/emails to School Board Chair Kim Bridges in response to her letter sent to all PHSSA parents. Additionally school board members Maurice Henderson and Adria Graham Scott interrupted a PTA Meeting to pass out the letter. The same letter was received by every parent at that meeting the next day. […]

Patrick Henry Fires Back at RPS with Facts

Earlier today I posted about School Board Chair, Kim Bridges’ letter to Patrick Henry School parents. This afternoon Sharon Burton PHSSA president has taken the time to respond point by point to the “issues” that Bridges brings up. The full letter can be found here and should be read so that you can understand Sharon […]

RPS Continues War on Patrick Henry

Until yesterday most of the political machinations of the Richmond Public School Board have been relatively behind the scenes. A volley was fired in public every now and then but the stakes have been raised on the final days before Christmas break. School Board Chair Kimberly Bridges sent out a letter stating, “As we approach […]

RPS Continues its Patrick Henry Harassment

Chris Dovi of Richmond attended the Wednesday meeting of the Patrick Henry Board and does an excellent job of not only summarizing the meeting but all the events that have lead us down this path. The RPS school board is demanding a charter compliance review, including an “expedited audit,” on Monday. In a letter […]

The Struggle to Renovate Patrick Henry School

  Most people think that since children are attending Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts that everything is moving along fine and soon the students will be in the Patrick Henry School building, unfortunately that is not the case. Currently all students are being taught in temporary classrooms at the Woodland Heights Baptist Church. […]

Henderson Retains 5th District School Board Seat

It wasn’t much of a race. Precinct Results

Patrick Henry School Under Fire Again

From Chris Dovi and RVAnews we learn of a new last minute hurdle for the proposed Patrick Henry School. The Richmond School Board has indicated to Patrick Henry’s leaders that it will not approve hiring the school’s first principal, Pam Boyd, unless the charter’s leaders sign a lease that potentially dooms the school. The deal-breaker […]

School Board Rejects Patrick Henry Admissions Changes & Doesn’t Sign Lease

It wasn’t very surprising that during last night’s school board meeting they voted to reject changes to the admission’s policy. The denial of siblings will make it very hard for families that only had one child get in to the school. As reported in the Richmond Times-Dispatch: The board denied requests to allow pre-lottery status […]

Patrick Henry Open House & Presentation to RPS

As many of you know Patrick Henry was on the agenda at last night’s School Board meeting. Page attended and felt better about Patrick Henry not being included in this version of the budget after an explanation from a staff member. The overall RPS budget is going to go through some changes over the next […]

Henderson to Run for 5th Dist. School Board Seat

Oregon Hill blog has the scoop as well as the low down on where/when to meet the candidate for the open 5th District seat; Oregon Hill resident Maurice Henderson is planning to run for the Richmond School Board. There is an upcoming meeting to introduce him on 2nd Baptist Church, 1401 Idlewood Avenue on Saturday, […]

School Board Votes to Build New Huguenot High

The school board voted 6-1 in favor of the revised construction plan that puts Huguenot High at the top of the list. CHPN’s own John Murden was at the meeting and  has some details of the public commentary. A time for public comments followed. Many people, including the principals of a Richmond middle school and […]

RPS School Board Lifts “Gag Order”

The Richmond Times Dispatch is reporting that the school board rescinded the procedure that many interpreted as a gag order. I guess we weren’t the only ones who thought it hampered the board members ability to communicate with their constituents.

New School Board Provision Limits Members Ability to Communicate

Did you catch this? Style Weekly is reporting that the RPS School Board passed a new provision that says “board members must sign an agreement to ‘uphold and support the decisions of the majority of the board once a decision is made’ and to ‘maintain fidelity’ to the School Board in contact with the media.” Is […]

School Board to Meet About Budget Shortfall

From the Richmond Public School website: The Richmond City School Board will hold a work session regarding the 2009-2010 budget Saturday, March 7 from 10 a.m. – Noon in the conference room located on the 17th floor of City Hall. The School Board is facing a $16 million shortfall and is looking at ways to […]