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Saturday’s Basket – Zucchini ‘Pasta’ with Basil Sunflower Pesto

We were late this time around and still managed to pick up some gorgeous produce! We grabbed two large zucchini from Bill’s Produce and a bunch of basil from Tomten Farm. We are getting to that part of the summer where I get a little panicky and start grabbing all the basil I can find. […]

Saturday’s Basket – Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Elephant Garlic

This tall stalk is what everyone’s whispering about at the market…’ooo, look at that’, ‘which vendor has THAT?!’, ‘what on earth do you do with it?’. It’s Elephant Garlic and can be found at Pleitez Produce. It is actually part of the leek family but resembles garlic in looks and somewhat in flavor. It has […]

H&H Saturday Soups and Stews: Three-Greens Soup with Spinach Gremolata

Well folks, it’s shaping up to be the perfect weekend for soup. Have you been following the forecast like we have? Snow is in the air and this hearty, warming, and meatless soup will be perfect tomorrow as the snow starts to fall throughout the afternoon. The last update I heard was 8-12 inches depending on […]

H&H Saturday Soups and Stews: Bean Soup with Country Ham & Okra

You may or may not have caught my tease over on E.A.T. way back on December 28th when I made my country ham salad. In that post I made a hidden reference to making a split pea or bean soup right here on the H&H Saturday Soups and Stews. Well today in RVA it couldn’t […]

H&H Saturday Soups and Stews: Spicy Red Pork and Bean Chili

Can you believe we are a mere week away from Christmas eve?  The next best thing to milk and cookies being left out for Santa is this bowl of chili. For several years, this has been one of my favorite chili recipes to make — bursting with flavor and packed with tender bite sized pieces […]

H&H Saturday Soups & Stews: Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Can you believe we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving? It certainly is the time of year for gatherings in the kitchen. I sure am looking forward to spending more time with family and more time creating in the kitchen this season. I thought I would share a simple recipe that can be made a […]

H&H Saturday Soups & Stews: Mixed Greens and Sausage Soup with Cornmeal Dumplings

Hello Hills and Heighters! Hope this new series finds everyone enjoying fall — I tried to keep you cool and refreshed over the summer with my H&H Happy Hour Series now it’s time to take some of the chill off with my H&H Saturday Soups & Stews which I will be sharing every 3rd Thursday of […]

Saturday’s Basket – Cinnamon Honey Sweet Potato Pie

A classic recipe emerged from last Saturday’s trip to the market. Walnut Hill Farm had a plethora of earthy, massive sweet potatoes spilling out of buckets on the table so I picked up a few to work with. I also made a stop by one of my favorite vendors, Alfredo’s Honey, and picked up a […]

H&H Happy Hour: Hot Apple Toddy

I could think of no better way to close out the H&H Summer happy hour series than with a drink toasting the change in season.  If you are like us, you have the windows open and are going to bed and waking up with a little more crispness to the air.  Having recently taken a trip to […]

Saturday’s Basket – Butternut Squash Ravioli with Alfredo Sauce

  With Labor Day come and gone and all the dreary weather lingering around the city, I’ve had rich, comforting, fall foods on the mind. With hopes of sinking into a warm, home-cooked meal, I grabbed a butternut squash from Plietez Produce to put together Butternut Squash Ravioli. This is one of my favorite fall […]

H&H Happy Hour: What to drink when the power goes out

What a crazy week here in the H&H Hood. First the earthquake and then Irene of which some of you reading this are still without power. Well at 6:30 Saturday night when Irene was really getting worked up the inevitable happened it went dark. I absolutely could not let ice cubes melt in the freezer […]

Saturday’s Basket – Irene’s Italian Brisket and Zucchini Stackers

Since we could all use some comfort food after crazy Irene breezed through, I’ve combined a few of my previous market purchases and creations into one sweet, settle-in-with-the-candles-and-on-the-couch, slow-cook dinner.  Brisket is available most weekends at numerous meat and poultry stands, just check the boards.  As for this year’s first pumpkin-ish zucchini side dish, stop […]

H&H Happy Hour: Blackberry Herb Cocktail

We have changed the flavors of drinks in several posts in the series, first we  infused vodka, then we made a thyme simple syrup, and now we will make a blackberry/rosemary simple syrup to be added to Champagne or in this case Prosecco.  All of these were done using local in season ingredients and this […]

Saturday’s Basket – Stuffed Poblanos with Creamy Roasted Poblano Quinoa

It’s poblanos two ways!  Towards the back of the market, there is a small, unassuming set-up manned by a husband and wife who just want to sell fresh vegetables from their garden. I stop by Bill’s Produce every week because their prices are reasonable and I haven’t had a single issue with any of the […]

H&H Happy Hour: Bee’s Knees

As we start to round the corner of summer, seeing fall on the horizon, we continue to look for relief from this oppressive Virginia heat. For this week’s H&H Happy Hour cocktail we turn to a drink actually created during prohibition. Gin being banned at the time, people would make it in their bathtubs giving it a […]

H&H Happy Hour: Pickleback

The past two H&H Happy Hour drinks featured were examples of light, refreshing, low alcohol, and to put it bluntly: “pretty” drinks. It’s about time I got back to basics by pulling out a bottle of Virginia bourbon, frying up some bacon, and simply…well… pickling some pickles.

Saturday’s Basket – Herbed Italian Squash Casserole

If you are like me, you grew up on a southern staple in the summer when fresh, ripe vegetables were so readily available- Squash Casserole.  I remember both my Mom and Grandmother simmering squash over the stove for what seemed like hours until it was a beautiful, smooth, yellow compound. Then the fat came to […]

Saturday’s Basket – Pork Tenderloin with Blackberry Reduction

Blackberries always bring back great memories for me. Growing up near the mountains, July 4th would roll around and we knew it was time to go hunting for ripe blackberries that were in the woods all around us.  And while I would like the opportunity to take hours on end to pick blackberries straight from […]

H&H Happy Hour: Fuzzy Navel

I was feeling nostalgic while wandering the SOTJ farmers market this past weekend and was thrilled to see so many peaches available.  I guess the nostalgia came as I was going through what drinking fads I seem to have gone through in my life.  I dug back into the memory banks and remembered the mid-eighties…you remember…..

Saturday’s Basket – Peach Cobbler with Lavender Cream

Saunders Brother’s Orchard showed at the Market on Saturday and brought with them a plethora of gorgeous peaches in two varieties.  I choose a small bushel of about 8-10 white peaches for the blushing-pink flesh and juicy, sweet flavor.  For the topper, I headed back home for fresh lavender from the garden.  Everyone has their […]

H&H Happy Hour: Pimm’s Cup

A Pimm’s Cup is to Wimbledon what a mint julep is to the Kentucky Derby.  Produced in Great Britain with a low alcohol content (25% by volume) this is the perfect drink to help use up some of those cucumbers that are taking over your garden right about now.

Saturday’s Basket – Steak with Fried Green Tomatoes & Garlic Leek Cream Sauce

A descriptive title for a flavor-filled dinner…this may be my favorite Saturday’s Basket yet.  We picked up green tomatoes from Walnut Hill Farm just before they ran out and I am so glad we did because I was ready for a southern fried treat.

Saturday’s Basket – Jalapeno Ranch Slaw Burgers

After last week’s burger from one of the talented prepared food trucks, Belmont Butchery Meat on the Street, I was on a mission to create my own magical summertime sandwich of perfection.  Since I was surrounded by fresh, seasonal, colorful vegetables, my mind focused in on what what I wanted on the burger first.  I […]

H&H Happy Hour: Mojito (mo-HEE-toe)

Growing up, mint was always a welcome herb in the summer – growing and spreading like bamboo.  After running around the neighborhood in 95 degree heat sticking a few sprigs of mint in my mouth and biting down always seemed to cool me down several degrees no matter how hot I was.  Now that I’m older, nothing […]

Saturday’s Basket – Roasted Broccoli and Feta Orzo

Every Saturday I am a little more amazed at how great the South of the James Market really is.  This past Saturday proved to be even better with the neighborhood yard sale running in tandem…it meant an early visit and an end-of-market visit for me.   The first time around I noticed broccoli was aplenty so […]

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