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Richmond Outside takes a look at the violent history across from Pony Pasture


Have you seen Hope?

Teen gets 34 years for Riverside Drive/Pony Pasture murder in 2011

From RTD we get the details of a brutal murder that occurred in 2011 along Riverside Drive. A Richmond judge sentenced a teenager to 34 years in prison Monday for murdering another teen in what authorities described as a “cold-blooded, calculated” initiation into a violent street gang. re-visits the “dogs off leash in the parks debate”

Three years ago H&H posted a message from a resident stating “Why the leash law should be enforced“. It still ranks as one of the most commented topics in our archives. The majority fell into the rules need to be followed category. Phil Riggan has brought up the subject in relation to the James River […]

Ideas for better transit

In September of 2010 the city formed a Task Force to take a look at GRTC and the transit system and provide the city with recommendations on improving mass transit in the city. That study was completed and on Tuesday 11 recommendations were given to the board.

Pony returns to Pony Pasture

We covered or at least repeated NBC12 coverage of this crime a little while ago. I’m happy to report that NBC12 has the follow up and successful return of the wayward pony.

Photos of this year’s Polar Bear Plunge

Photo by Phil Riggan of More including some kayakers can be found here.

Polar Bear Plunge at Pony Pasture New Year’s Day

Be at Pony Pasture at 11 a.m. if you feel a great desire to jump into a cold Jame River with other fools adventurous souls. Video is from last years plunge.

Pony rustled from Pony Pasture – Richmond, VA News, Weather, Traffic

Tales of Pony Pasture’s rowdy past and the mysterious 2nd floor

Phil Riggan of talks with Ralph White about when Pony Pasture was called “The Rocks” and it indeed did rock but not in a good way. The story also explains the mysterious 2nd floor above the restrooms at Pony Pasture. The 2nd floor served as a police annex for Chesterfield County police (the park […]

Why is it called Pony Pasture?

That question has been asked to every parent by their child upon visiting Pony Pasture. My answer of, “There used to be ponies but they all died” while accurate was woefully incomplete. RVA should be thankful that there are actual journalists like Phil Riggan on the local internets that can provide the complete answer to […]

New sign to be unveiled at Pony Pasture today

From the city blog; Volunteers from the Merchant’s Club of Virginia have donated their time and talent in designing a new entrance sign for Pony Pasture Rapids Park. The river stone sign will be unveiled by Mayor Dwight C. Jones and community partners to recognize this great gift to the city of Richmond and highlight […]

Arrests made in 2011 murder near Pony Pasture on Riverside Drive

Continuing our “Up with People” theme this morning we get news that two sixteen year olds have been arrested in the murder of a eighteen year old. If you need me I’ll be in the closet rocking back and forth. After an in-depth investigation, Richmond Police investigators have arrested two people in connection with the […]

Video of Pony Pasture Polar Plungers

JR “Polar Bear Plunge” from Brandon Montijo on Vimeo. Thanks to Brandon for sharing his footage of the plunge. Below is video

Rip Up Some Vines and Plant Some Bluebells

From the Friends of the James River ParksFacebook page; If you’re looking for something to do next weekend, stop by Pony Pasture Park on Saturday, Dec. 10, 9:30 to 1pm, to rip out some invasive vines and plant some native Virginia bluebells.

Homicide on Riverside Drive

From RPD; At approximately 5 a.m. Richmond Police were called to the 8200 block of Riverside Drive for the report of a person down. Upon arrival officers found a male in a wooded area suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The male was pronounced dead at the scene. The Medical Examiner will determine cause of […]

Should there be more River Enforcement?

Last night as my sun burned body settled into my chair I watched this video on NBC12 (embedded below) discussing the fact that anyone in the river yesterday should have been wearing a life jacket. They only found one person that was wearing a life jacket. Anytime the river is over 5 feet you are […]

Parking Bossypants Needed

Spotted on the Friends of James River Parks Facebook page: JRPS Manager, Ralph White, could use some adult help wrangling cars at the Pony Pasture entrance on Riverside Drive this holiday weekend, Sat-Monday. If you can spare 2 hours 12-2 or 2-4, just give Ralph a call at 432-1832. Working in pairs is much more […]

Hoping The Ponies Can Swim

Thanks to Jonathan Deutsch who posted this on YouTube.

Fridge at Pony Pasture

If you have a pickup truck and are looking for your good deed of the day, head to Pony Pasture and get this under the counter commercial fridge out of the river. The fridge is about 50 yards east past the takeout. Prepare to get muddy and I’m sure the fridge weighs a good bit […]

Best River Spot in RVA’s continuing series of Bests in Richmond heads to the river and as you would expect quite a few spots that I claim to be in the H&H area are on the list. Head over there to cast your vote and bring home the gold for the Southbank. Bits and pieces of their post are […]

Hands On Helps the Bluebells at Pony Pasture

Yesterday Hands On Greater Richmond went to Pony Pasture to fight invasive species and establish habitat for native plants such as the Virginia Blue Bell. This was a rescheduled event as the original one was snowed out. Phil of James River News Hub was there with his camera and captured the photo above. He has a […]

River Rises Will the Boat Hold Up?

The river crested at 11 feet yesterday and Phil Riggan of James River News Hub captured the image below of the driftwood ship we showed off earlier.

Driftwood Art at Pony Pasture

To learn more about this wonderful piece of art and more photos continue onward.

Friends of the James River Park Pony Pasture Cleanup

From Friends of James River Park; Sunday, Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. we’ll be gathering at the Pony Pasture parking lot to do a post-marathon clean-up of the Pony Pasture and Riverside Drive down to Huguenot Flatwater. Bring trashbags and wear gloves and shoes that like to get muddy. If we get a good crowd, […]

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