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South of the James Farmers’ Market switches to winter location this Saturday

Tree down in Patrick Henry parking lot

One third of a massive tree located in the Patrick Henry parking lot fell in last night’s storm. Fortunately no damage to the school or any vehicles. The school called out the city to see if they could get some help with clean up but were told that since this is on RPS property it […]

Mayor is asked to pressure the School Board to giving Patrick Henry ownership of the school building

Ownership and the ability to secure a loan has been a stumbling block in Patrick Henry’s effort to renovate the rest of the school building on Semmes. According to Richmond members of city council have sent a letter to the mayor requesting that the School Board transfer ownership of the property to the school.

NBC12 on dangerous crosswalk at Patrick Henry

One of our cars was the victim of one of these accidents. We were stopped with turn signal on and a college student rear ended us because he was messing around with his GPS.

Help gardens grow, neighbors cleanup and/or bikers bike on Saturday

Mother Nature has decided that it is summer all of a sudden so get out there and help make our awesome neighborhood even awesomer. There are two local projects that can use some volunteer muscle this weekend. Patrick Henry School is having a garden workday from 9 a.m. to 12. Westover Hills Neighborhood Association cleanup […]

Patrick Henry School growth thwarted by building issue

Style Weekly has the longer version. I have the admittedly bias Cliff Notes® version of the issue. As part of the school charter the Richmond School Board is requiring that PHSSA renovate the top floors of the school to make them ADA compliant and to allow more students to enroll. The Patrick Henry board can’t […]

RTD Looks At 5th District School Board Candidates

Maurice A. Henderson has served as the interim board member after the election of Betsey Carr to the Virginia House of Delegates. He will be facing off against Cherrelle Hurt, owner of As We Grow Child Care and Learning Center and REIGN Consulting in a Nov. 2 special election to finish a four-year term through […]

PHSSA Seeks Equipment Donations

The long-awaited opening day for Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts is fast approaching and there are a few items that the staff is requesting. If you have these items or you’d like to make a monetary donation, it would be greatly appreciated. Item 1) 20 ft of cubicle wall or room dividers needed […]

Meet the New Teachers at Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts will be opening August 11th and today they posted some of the teachers who will be leading the classrooms. Today is also the last day to mail in applications for the 12 kindergarten spots that became available. Other RPS schools will open September 7, after Labor Day. Part […]

Patrick Henry Looking for Bus Help

The RTD has an article this morning about Patrick Henry School looking to the School Board to help with busing students after a proposed plan with the Back to Bottom Bus fell through. There are about 22 students that need transportation. Though the School Board didn’t discuss the issue at last night’s regular meeting and […]

RTD Discusses Patrick Henry School’s Funding Issues

The new charter school, Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts, opens in its temporary location, August 11. Dress codes and supply lists have been sent out, and the teachers have been selected and should be hired shortly. The Richmond Times-Dispatch discusses the funding issues the school has been facing to update the old Patrick […]

School Board Approves Patrick Henry’s Temporary Location

In a 5-4 vote, the school board for RPS approved the charter school’s use of a temporary location at Woodland Heights Baptist Church. It is unclear what would have happened if it hadn’t been approved but it would have been a huge stumbling block to the school’s opening this summer. There are several stories online […]

Lease for Patrick Henry School Building Being Reviewed.

Today is a big day for the Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts. Tonight the school board will vote on whether classes can be temporarily held at  nearby Woodland Heights Baptist Church. If approved, classes would start August 11 with a staff that Principal Pamela Boyd has been interviewing. The school has the funds […]

Patrick Henry School

With a July opening date looming, where does Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts stand? The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on the school’s funding and development status and sums up many families’ situation. But some Richmond parents are in limbo as they look ahead to next school year. They have taken a leap of faith […]

From RVA News: Patrick Henry updates

RVA News’ Chris Dovi has a new article up about Patrick Henry and its recent fund raiser. There is also an update on the school’s proposed temporary alternate site. [ Fund raising is] Critical, but perhaps less pressing if the School Board approves a charter amendment to allow the school to start its first year […]

More Patrick Henry School News: Considering Temporary New Digs

Two PHSSA headlines in one day? It appears our neighborhood charter school is working hard to keep the ball rolling. Today, in addition to announcing the hiring of their first principal, PH has announced that they are in talks to temporarily move into nearby Woodland Heights Baptist Church. With a July opening date looming large, […]

Is School Board Purposefully Delaying PH Redux is also wondering if Richmond’s School Board is being unresponsive in an attempt to stall Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts opening. In characterizing the delays the founders of Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts have been experiencing in their dealings with the School Board, [former SB member Carol. O.] Wolf said, […]

Is the RPS School Board Willfully Delaying Patrick Henry School?

In open enrollment for other schools in the city, if a child is admitted, their sibling is granted admission without having to go through the lottery process. The school board is not allowing siblings to have automatic admission for this first year at Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts. The founders are resigned to […]

Patrick Henry Held Lottery for Student Spots

Many anxious parents and curious bystanders attended last night’s lottery held at Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts. The school received 255 applications for 150 spots and the lottery was held to establish a ranking for the applications filed. Starting with 5th grade and working down, City Council President Kathy Graziano spun the bingo […]

Patrick Henry Holds Lottery Drawing March 11

Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts will be holding it’s first lottery March 11, at 7pm as they received more than 250 applications for roughly 150 spots. The lottery is open to the public. The school also announced the breakdown of grades: K – 3 classes 1st – 2 classes 2nd – 2 classes […]

Today is Last Day to Register to Speak in Support of Patrick Henry

As we posted earlier in the week Patrick Henry needs some help. That help comes in the form of showing up for the school board meeting on Monday (6 pm 2nd floor of City Hall, 301 North Ninth Street) and speaking in favor of the school. In order to speak (you’ll be given 3 minutes) […]

Patrick Henry School in RTD

In a nice change of pace for the RTD there is an article about Patrick Henry School that doesn’t include some criticism by the school board. I have a feeling the reason for that is that the reporter didn’t ask any one on the board. The charter school board is expected to provide the school […]

Patrick Henry School Looking for Items to Auction

Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts (PHSSA) is seeking donations of goods & services for our Online Holiday Auction, Nov 18-Dec 9. The auction will feature everything from artwork to gift cards to trips at vacation spots. Please contact us at if you have something to contribute. All donations are tax deductible!

Patrick Henry Faces Challenges in Style Weekly

From today’s Style Weeky: The school, which plans to reopen the 87-year-old Patrick Henry Elementary building next to Forest Hill Park, is in the midst of a million-dollar drive to cover the cost of its planned opening next fall. The school’s charter president, Debbie Butterworth, says the effort is off to a rousing start despite […]

Patrick Henry Finance 101 Meeting Thursday

Note from Patrick Henry’s director of finance Dear Friends, When I took over the position as Patrick Henry’s director of finance, I was excited to help out with this new venture and amazed at the complexity of charter school finances. Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts is only the fifth charter school in the […]

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