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Malone Stirring the Pot Again

This morning as parents were dropping of their children at Patrick Henry School’s temporary location Reggie Malone was passing out a letter between School Board Chairwoman Kim Bridges and President of Patrick Henry’s Board of Directors Sharon Burton. Reggie Malone had served as vice president of the charter school’s board but resigned the same day […]

Will It or Won’t It?

I don’t even have to say what this is about, do I? 6PM tonight, and at least one School Board member is still taking your questions/comments.

As the Charter Turns…

There had been some rumblings to this effect, but Style’s article was the first confirmation I’d seen that Denise Lewis (aka Principal Lewis @ Lucille Brown) was indeed no longer on the PH Charter board. The article suggests that internal pressure might have led to the resignation, while RPS, of course, denies such a thing. […]

Patrick Henry Charter School not to be?

The RTD is reporting that the “proposal to establish a charter school for grades one through five at Patrick Henry Elementary School in South Richmond died this evening when the School Board deadlocked on whether to sign a contract”.

The Voice…

…still doesn’t seem to like the PH charter school.

board votes YES to Patrick Henry Initiative

The Richmond School Board met this evening at 6PM to consider a host of what looked to be rather typical items and also to receive and vote upon a recomendation from the Charter School Review Committee (SR07-08-72)(agenda). Dispatched to the back corner of a room adjacent to where the schoolboard meeting was taking place, part […]

Patrick Henry vote tonight

Just a quick reminder that the School Board will vote on the PH Charter school at tonight’s meeting. The agenda confirms that it’s to be held during the 6PM portion of the meeting. Prior to the vote, George Wythe students will be recognized by the board for various reasons.

And another…

The Virginia NAACP has come out in opposition to the Patrick Henry charter school. The REA and Richmond Council of PTAs also reiterated their opposition.

The Defender weighs in

I’m not sure whether this one falls more under “All Education All The Time” or “High Comedy.” Either way, the Richmond Defender has a small blurb on the PH charter school (No website, but PDF here). Their first couple of questions are some that we’ve heard a lot the last couple of weeks: Will the […]

PH/School Board roundup

Ross at RVANews (among other places) came through big and summed up last night’s meeting nicely. Between that and the constant updates from Gray & other folks here, it was a pretty impressive reporting effort, especially when compared to other articles that didn’t say too much we didn’t already know. The next milestone comes May […]

PH Charter vote moved

Gray brought this up comments to another post, but I thought it warranted a more prominent mention. The school board discussion on the Patrick Henry charter school initiative is scheduled for the 4:30 portion of today’s meeting, with a closed meeting to follow. It’s likely too late to do anything about it, but contacting your […]


I’ve received some questions about this site and occasional editorializing, and its relationship with RPS and the PH School Initiative. So I’ll take a potentially long-winded moment to clarify things below the fold.

Patrick Henry Charter School Initiative Needs Your Help

The Patrick Henry Charter School is open to any Richmond City elementary student and the upcoming School Board vote, likely to occur on 5/5/08, will impact every child and district within the city limits. They’re asking for your help. See their mailing for all the details: PDF here, Word doc here.

The Voice on the Patrick Henry charter school

Not surprisingly, their take isn’t exactly enthusiastic. While the article doesn’t out-and-out accuse the PH Initiative of promoting school segregation, it certainly floats the suggestion. REA President Wade Ellegood (who, you might recall, is on the committee to recruit a new RPS Superintendent), is particularly opposed: I think they are making a major mistake by […]

Patrick Henry Charter update

At last night’s school board meeting, the PH Charter group had their proposal returned pending more information. Meetings with the school board to provide that information should occur soon, with a tentative vote scheduled by the board for May 5.

Patrick Henry School Initiative gets some Style

The Patrick Henry School Initiative gets a nice writeup in Today’s Style. PHSI President Richard Day: My sense is there’s a good chance [the School Board] will shoot it down, but they won’t probably give us any solid, supportive reason. Seeing the way RPS works, I fear he’s probably right, but either way, they’ve led […]

Patrick Henry Charter update

The folks at the Patrick Henry School Initiative are making progress with their efforts…. We have submitted our application for 501-3C status (thank you for your donations!) and are raising funds now for PR “get the word out” costs and other incidentals. We will have a fundraising campaign for school related projects once we have […]

Patrick Henry update

Susanna from the Patrick Henry School Initiative passes along the following: The Patrick Henry School Initiative submitted its charter school application to the Richmond City School Board in the beginning of October (YEAH!!!) The proposed charter school would be open to any elementary school aged child in the city.

Neighborhood schools largely absent from plan

The latest in a long line of RPS school renovation/closure plans is making the rounds and, perhaps not unexpectedly, our local schools are completely missing from the first 5-year phase. The second phase (circa 2012) would see Swansboro Elementary renovated/expanded and Huguenot High replaced with a new building at its current location. 4th District Representative/Board […]

Patrick Henry Initiative update

Jess from the PH School Initiative passes along an update: We are now in the process of editing our charter application! It looks like all is going according to our timeline of submitting it to the school board by mid September. We have an exciting announcement for those of you who thought you might live […]

Patrick Henry Festival

The Woodland Heights Civic Association and the Patrick Henry School Initiative are teaming up to present the Patrick Henry Festival on June 16, celebrating 85 years of school at the AV Norrell/Patrick Henry Building. More details below the fold…

Extended life for Patrick Henry Elementary?

Gina from the Patrick Henry School Initiative wants to get the word out about their effort to establish a charter school in the Patrick Henry (aka Norrell) Elementary building. Their Mission, per their website: Our mission is to provide a K-5 community-based school with meaningful involvement by parents and community. The school endeavors to provide […]