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Bike Virginia Tour Announcement Party tonight at O’Toole’s

The Bike Virginia Tour is a 6 day bicycling festival taking place June 20-25, that hosts on average 1,600 cyclists. This year they’re holding their Announcement Party at one of our local watering holes. Find out about riding with folks from all over the country and world while enjoying a pint.

O’Toole’s & River City Rotary host Trivia Night to help Westover Hills Elementary

Westover Hills Social Club gets social on Friday

Join the Westover Hills Social Club on Friday, August 2, for a casual get-together starting at 7 p.m. at O’Toole’s. Anyone in Westover Hills is welcome to join in these regular social club events. Any questions, please contact  Andrea Reed.

$10 gets you $20 at O’Toole’s

Click the image or here to purchase but be aware that you can’t use this Groupon on booze. I also thought it amusing that Groupon used an image of nice looking authentic tacos as one of their O’Toole’s food images. (See the mistake below.)

O’Toole’s raffling 2 seats in a RIR sky box

From O’Toole’s Facebook; Who wants to go to RIR this week for 2 sitting in the sky box fully catered? Get a raffle ticket at the restaurant for $5 for chance to enter the drawing! 2nd place: $50 3rd Place: $25 Get your tickets before the drawing on Thursday, 9/6!! Proceeds will benefit the U14 […]

Tot Lot Fundraiser tonight at O’Toole’s

Everybody, come on down to O’Toole’s on Monday, July 9, from 5 to 9 p.m. to enjoy a great meal and beverage—AND to support the renovations of the Westover Hills Tot Lot. O’Toole’s will donate 15% of all receipts from that evening that are left in the basket marked “tot lot.” Fundraising for the playground […]

Restaurant tidbits

TaZa Coffee is taking a break. Will be closed from 7/1 – 7/7. They are still planning on moving downstairs to the bigger antique space things are just moving at the typical RVA pace. First I heard rumors of a sign on the door of Asian Galaxy that they were closed temporarily  and now I hear […]

DadChat tonight at O’Toole’s

Tonight from 7 p.m – 9 p.m. some fathers are gathering at O’Toole’s to discuss dadness. I can’t make it due to having some dad duties but I went last time and had a good time. I recommend stopping by. What exactly is Dadchat? See below from the Fatherhood Initiative of Commonwealth Parenting Facebook page. […]

Forest is the Best Dive Bar in Richmond – O’Toole’s Best on the Southside

Style Weekly has published the readers choice award issue and there are too many H&H winners to comment on. Instead I’m going to highlight two local institutions. If you want to give a shout out to winners or those that were overlooked, please do so in the comments. The Forest – Best Dive Bar It’s […]

O’Toole’s St. Patrick’s Weekend Events

O’Toole’s has always kicked things off the day before St. Patrick’s Day and this year is no different. If I need to tell you to get there early on Saturday and expect a massive crowd, you’re new to the neighborhood so, welcome. Info below is from O’Toole’s Facebook. Friday: Glenn Crone at 5pm, followed by […]

DadChat at O’Toole’s

The Fatherhood Initiative of Commonwealth Parenting is working with men in the Greater Richmond area to support, educate, and strengthen their roles as fathers. Twice a month a group of fathers gather at a local restaurant to discuss what it means to be a dad, give advice and simply talk about the joys and challenges […]

$10 gets you $20 at O’Toole’s

Groupon deal for O’Toole’s. The deal is for food only, no booze. Isn’t Guinness considered a food?

Restaurant Odds And Ends

Each of these stories might have deserved their own post but in the interest of saving space on the internet I’m giving you a quick roundup. The Force will be strong at Parkside Cafe.  They’ve announced a Star Wars night the last Sunday in November with costumed folks, Star Wars cookies, showing of a Star […]

St. Patrick’s Day at O’Toole’s

Does anyone else miss the white tent they would set up out front signifying that St. Patrick’s Day was just around the corner? Yes I realize that the new addition is a vast improvement over standing outside but I really liked the symbolic nature. White tent or no white tent St. Patrick’s Day is starting […]

Richmond Magazine’s Best/Worst Issue – Southbank Winners

Richmond Magazine’s annual Best/Worst of Richmond has been on the newstands for a little bit and I finally got around to getting a copy.  Nice to see the following H&H representatives getting some kudos from fellow Richmonders. Kathy Graziano was voted Future Mayor and tied for first as Best Local Public Servant. Barry Bless was […]

News Flash: O’Tooles is Serving LOTS of Beer for Saint Patrick’s Day

Stop by O’Toole’s which hosts one of the biggest brawls on St. Pat’s. Richard is the one wearing the straw hat, green soccer jersey and the auburn muttonchops. Stop by, say hi, he’ll be there until 4pm at least.

Play Chess Drink Beer

Nearly every Wednesday at O’Toole’s a few of us gather to play chess and drink beer. It is an informal gathering and lately our numbers have dwindled, so I thought I would send out a request for those that play and never have an opponent or are looking for an excuse to drink beer. All […]

Accordions Galore Wednesday at O’Toole’s

Not only will O’Toole’s be blessed with Bless and the rest of the Happy Lucky gang but there are rumblings of even more accordion fun. From the Happy Lucky Communique we hear; A while back Pippin and I made a vow to play with people who are better than we are. So in that spirit, […]

Happy Lucky Combo at O’Toole’s Tonight

The Happy Lucky Combo plays this week, Wednesday, June 24 at O’Toole’s. Also featuring fellow Southsider John Winn and Emily Avesian.

Not so lucky tonight

Bad news accordian fans, The Happy Lucky Combo will not be performing at O’Toole’s this evening. I’m not sure how well I can play my weekly game of chess without the soothing sounds of klezmer music!

St. Patrick’s Days at O’Toole’s

The traditional raising of the white tent that marks  St. Patrick’s arrival into town is missing this week. That is because the addition at O’Toole’s will be open and all the revelry will be inside this year. As always O’Toole’s is not content with a one day celebration and instead goes for 3 straight days […]

Special Guests With Happy Lucky Combo Tonight

Two musical guests Jonathan Greenberg on trumpet and John Winn on clarinet. As always the music starts around 8:00 at O’Tooles. If you see some people playing chess stop by and say hello. A group of us gather every Wednesday to play. We don’t take chess too seriously and welcome all levels, unless of course […]

O’Toole’s Expansion Update

The walls seperating the expansion from the current dining area are down so you can see into the new area. I didn’t have a camera so you will have to check it out yourself. A good amount of work remains to be done but what I can see looks great. The new taps are up, […]

Happy Lucky Combo & Guests at O’Toole’s Tonight

From the Happy Lucky Communique:  Come celebrate BIG FAT WEDNESDAY, February 25, @ O’Toole’s with The Happy Lucky Combo. Special guests this week include Jarene Fleming and trumpeter Jonathan Greenberg. As always we give Happy Lucky Combo two thumbs up and encourage all our readers to stop by O’Toole’s

Pippin Barnett Recognized by Brick Weekly

Brick Weekly posted an article in January discussing the power of the drum in a band. The article then goes on to highlight 8 great drummers in Richmond.  At the top of the list is Pippin Barnett local Hills and Heights resident and member of The Happy Lucky Combo. Richmond has spawned many great drummers […]

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