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Beer, Wine and Sausage Tasting at the Vine

It’s a trinity of awesome at the Once Upon a Vine tasting this Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The beers will be poured by Bridget from Specialty Bev. and are top secret but are from their 12% Import line. That seems like a good start and has a Belgian ring to me. Brad […]

Southbank Part of a Perfect Day Again has continued it’s series of Foodie interviews. A few weeks back Kendra Morris gave us some love. This week it’s Jon Nelson who reviews restaurants for describing a perfect day of meals. My day starts on Friday at 5 p.m. We hit Once Upon a Vine South for wine and beer tasting—it is the […]

Taste Local Sausage Tonight

Sausage Craft will be offering samples of their artisanal sausage tonight from 5 – 8 p.m. at Once Upon a Vine along with the usual adult beverages. One of the Sausage Craft owners lives in the hood so this is a local event all around.(Richmond Biz Sense Profile on SC) In addition to the Sierra […]

Sausage Craft at Once Upon a Vine

I learned through Twitter from The Marinara (@themarinara) that local sausage maker Sausage Craft will be selling their hand crafted artisanal meats at Once Upon a Vine. Details were posted on their Facebook page; Want our sausage?! Once Upon a Vine South is now selling our sausage to order. Just call them at 804.864.9463 and […]

Long Trail Brewery at Once Upon a Vine

Once Upon a Vine South is welcoming a new brewery to the Richmond market. Long Trail Brewery out of Vermont is debuting tonight during Vine’s weekly beer tasting. They brew 4 beers year round; IPA, Double Bag (strong dark ale), Blackberry Wheat, and their signature Long Trail Ale (a German Altbier). It’s been a few […]

Two Local Businesses Speak About Liquor Privatization

This past Sunday RTD had a front page article on the plan to privatize liquor sales in the commonwealth.  The Cliff Notes© version of the article is don’t expect any of our local store owners to be carrying any booze anytime soon. In order to get a license for liquor a business owner needs to […]

Dogfish Tasting at Once Upon a Vine

Tonight, Once Upon a Vine is not messing around with their beer tasting. They will have Devin from Dogfish Head tasting Red and White, Black and Blue, Indian Brown, Raison D’etre, 90 min, and Burton Baton. If you haven’t had Dogfish Head before you should stop by. The 90 Minute IPA is a hopkick to […]

Beer Lessons at Once Upon a Vine

Almost forgot to post this but saw a reminder on Anne Soffee’s Facebook page. Chris from Loveland will be at Once Upon a Vine, showing everyone how to pour some Guinness mixers for St. Patty’s Day. Black and Tan-Smithwicks and Guinness, Half and Half-Harp and Guinness, Snakebite-Guinness and Cider. I heard unconfirmed rumors that they […]

Beer & Wine Tasting at Once Upon A Vine Tonight

It is Friday and that means it is time to head on over to Once Upon a Vine after work and try some new wine and/or beer. Sampling from 5 p.m. to 8. On the beer side, Stephen from Brown tasting Magner’s Cider, Legend Hopfest, Victory Helios, Redhook Treblehook, Heavy Seas Siren Noir, and Southern […]

Drink Beer for Charity at Positive Vibe

Brown Distributing, Once Upon a Vine & Max’s Positive Vibe Café have banded together to hold a Charity Beer Dinner benefiting the Get Lost MD (Muscular Dystrophy) & Positive Vibe Café. Sunday Feb 28th, 2010 5pm-8:30pm $25/person Tasting of 5 German style beers from local breweries with a full German buffet & live music call […]

Tonight’s Tasting at Once Upon a Vine

The good folks at Once Upon a Vine are having their weekly beer/wine tasting. Heather from Flying Dog will be there tasting the new Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA (brewed to celebrate their 20th Ann.), also all the beers form the Canis Major Series Double Dog Pale Ale, Gonzo Porter Imperial Porter, Horn Dog Barley Wine, […]

Once Upon a Vine Anniversary Tasting

Special Anniversary Tasting will be happening today at Once Upon a Vine from 1 p.m to 4 p.m. The guys from Legend will be there tasting Barley Wine, Triple, and Chocolate Porter. Both the Barley Wine and Triple will knock you back with their alcohol content. I like the triple quite a bit. Jennifer will […]

Tastings at Once Upon a Vine

Beer tasting  will feature Caracole Saxo, Nostradamus, Rochefort 8 and 10, and Unibroue Ephemere. Sounds good to me. Wine tasting will be from J.W. Sieg.

Beer & Wine Tasting at Once Upon a Vine

The Vine’s weekly tasting has Rob Johnson sampling Blue Point beer Oktoberfest, Toasted Lager, Hoptical Illusion, RastfaRye, and Blueberry Ale. On the wine side The Big Red Monster, Daniel Cellars Spicy Rivanna, and Pinot Evil Pinot Grigio/Pinot Blanc blend

Beer & Wine Tasting at Once Upon a Vine

Ron Fischer from B United will be there tasting Pausa Cafe Chicca and Tosta, Hofstetten Granit Bock and Kuebelbier, and Hitachino Ginger and White Ale. All beers I have never tried so no opinion offered. Jason from Barboursville Vineyards will be there with a selection of wine.

Beer and Wine Tasting at Once Upon a Vine

The Friday tasting at Once Upon a Vine is from 5 – 8 p.m. and will feature: Derek Zomonski from Bells to do a tasting before his beer dinner at Ave. 805 on Sunday Aug. 16th. Both places will be tasting Oberon, Amber, Pale Ale, Two-Hearted, Porter, and Kalmazoo Porter. Bells brews a fine beer […]

Allagash Tasting at Once Upon a Vine

Once Upon a Vine will be having their weekly tasting on Friday from  5-8 p.m. The beer will be Allagash and the wines to tasted include Tres Ojos Garnacha Rose, Milton Park Chardonnay, Montebuena Rioja, and Busi Chianti.

Beer and Wine Tastings at Once Upon a Vine South

Looking to expand your wine horizons? Curious about trying some different beers? The super friendly folks at Once Upon a Vine South are hosting wine and beer tastings! YAY! (Grab me a six pack while you’re there! Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, please!) This Friday , July 17th (5:00-8:00) we’ll be tasting wine & beer: Harry from […]

T-D gets on the bandwagon

Today’s retail column has a nice feature on the folks behind Once Upon A Vine South.

Public Service Announcement

The fine folks at Once Upon A Vine South have been up and running for a couple weeks in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center, featuring the same format (and occasionally some of the same faces) as the Bellevue original. Please note that H&H is not affiliated with Once Upon A Vine in any way, but […]