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Desperate Jewell calls in last minute reinforcements

Marty Jewell and former city councilman Chuck Richardson (who served a 22-month prison sentence for heroin distribution and contempt of court) held a press conference to complain about Parker Agelasto receiving endorsements from other politicians. Luckily Chris Dovi was there and filed this report. Standing quietly beside Richardson, Jewell finally spoke after a reporter asked if his campaign […]

5th District Candidate Lee Shewmake talks on Byrd Park

Byrd Park posted yesterday an article “Lee Shewmake Comes Out Swinging“, in which Lee Shewmake  discusses criticism that her campaign lacked energy or resources and she talks directly about opponents Parker Agelasto and Marty Jewell. The tone of her post is strong to say the least.

RTD takes a look at 5th District City Council candidates

The 5th District is one of the oddest shaped districts in the city with one section on this side of the river. As a result of river dividing the district it often feels like this side gets less attention. One of the 3 candidates Lee Shewmake lives in Woodland Heights and she is running against […]

Woodland Heights Civic Association candidate forum tonight

The Woodland Heights Civic Association will be hosting a candidate forum at their regularly scheduled September meeting tonight (9/20) from 6-7 p.m. at the Woodland Heights Baptist Church at 31st and Springhill Ave. The 5th District City Council candidates include incumbent Marty Jewell, Lee Shewmake and Parker C. Agelasto. Richmond School Board candidates are incumbent […]

5th District candidate Shewmake challenges validity of Agelasto’s signatures

In the race for the 5th District City Council seat Lee Shewmake (candidate’s website) and Parker Agelasto (candidate’s website) are the 2 (used to be 3)  challengers trying to unseat Marty Jewell.  According to today’s RTD, Shewmake filed a complaint with the Richmond’s voter registrar and the city’s Electoral Board stating that Agelasto had errors in the required 125 registered voter signatures needed […]

Mayor is asked to pressure the School Board to giving Patrick Henry ownership of the school building

Ownership and the ability to secure a loan has been a stumbling block in Patrick Henry’s effort to renovate the rest of the school building on Semmes. According to Richmond members of city council have sent a letter to the mayor requesting that the School Board transfer ownership of the property to the school.

Lee Shewmake answers some questions from Oregon Hill

On the post about David Gammino pulling out of the race for the 5th District Council seat Scott Burger, Oregon Hill activist and editor of Oregon Hill asked some questions of the remaining challenger Lee Shewmake in the comments. Lee had a lengthy response and I feel the dialogue is worth sharing on the main […]

Gammino officially out of the race for the 5th

Byrd Park broke the news and now RTD is stating that David Gammino is pulling out of the race for city council in the 5th District. This leaves Lee Shewmake as the lone challenger against Marty Jewell. In a writtten statement Sunday, Gammino said he was pulling out because of a $13.7 million lawsuit filed […]

Byrd Park interviews 5th District candidate Lee Shewmake

I posted an article yesterday about the finances of the 5th District race so it’s nice timing that Jason of Byrd Park is running an interview with Woodland Heights resident and candidate Lee Shewmake. I’m just pulling one question and answer you’ll have to head to Byrd Park read the rest of the interview. What […]

Meet the Candidates: David Gammino 5th District

John Murden and I sat down with David Gammino earlier this month to talk about his campaign to unseat Marty Jewell in the 5th District. Currently the 5th District is a three way race between incumbent Marty Jewell, David Gammino and Woodland Height’s resident Lee Shewmake. My interview with Lee should be up in the […]

5th District Council Seat officially a 3 way race

Hills and Heights confirmed a comment left on this thread that Lee Shewmake, resident of Woodland Heights is tossing her hat into the ring. Some of Lee’s most current accomplishments include being the current president of the Woodland Heights Civic Association, active in establishing Patrick Henry School, and worked with the committee to have the Woodland […]

Walle files another suit against Graziano

Filed under stories that won’t go away, Richmond and Chris Dovi have the news that Jennifer Walle has filed a $5,350,000 suit claiming that “Ms. Graziano, Mr. Rogers and others not named as defendants combined to discredit and harm Ms. Walle… and force her from her job and from public service in general.” Walle, the suit alleges, […]

Jewell has a challenger and a bad accountant

From the RTD this morning we have two bits of City Council Member news on Marty Jewell of the 5th District.

School Board Member Henderson, critic of PHSSA curriculum, has had “cursory level” review of RPS curriculm

Chris Dovi of Richmond takes a closer look at the battle that the Richmond School Board is waging on Patrick Henry School and specifically the actions of Maurice Henderson and the critical letter by School Board Chair Kim Bridges. There are so many juicy quotes in this article that I’m honestly overwhelmed on which […]

Jewell Fires a Salvo at Mayor

Council Member Marty Jewell is not happy with the Mayor and is expressing his discontent in his usual subtle way. Yesterday he released a press release titled, “Mayor’s deception against Richmond City Council”. In it he outlines his 5 bones of contention but most of his anger is directed at the new jail project. Continue […]

Jewell Denied and Criticized

It was not a good night for Marty Jewell last night in the city council chambers. His proposal to allocate $500K to Patrick Henry School did not pass, his $400K cut to parks was denied and Kathy Graziano did not step down as Council President. He was blasted prior to meeting for his accusations of […]

Jewell Wants Graziano to Step Down

The war continues between H&H’s two council people as Marty Jewell has asked that Kathy Graziano step down as Council President. While Jewell says, “I’m not accusing anybody of anything,” Jewell said Thursday, “but it looks so bad.” He won’t stop barking about a $100,000 amendment that Graziano proposed to begin a study that the […]

Jewell Proposes Slicing Park Budget

Just found out this morning that Councilman Marty Jewell isn’t a big fan of the parks as evidenced by his proposal to cut $400,000 from general Park maintenance (16%) and $100,000 from James River Park maintenance (26%).

5th District Meeting on Thursday

Fifth District citizens can find out some details on what is going on in their district this Thursday when Marty Jewell will be holding a meeting at the Richmond Southside Community Service Center.

More on City Council Infighting

RTD has this article that doesn’t say much but Chris Dovi at Richmond has more detail into the political infighting. Richmond City Council’s first meeting of the new year typically is one filled with little more than a vote to select its president and vice president for the next two years. Instead, tonight’s meeting was a […]

Graziano Likely to Remain Council President

From RTD; Graziano, who represents the 4th District, would not comment, but several members said Tuesday that she is expected to remain as president for 2011 and 2012, with Robertson, of the 6th District, continuing as vice president. Led by Graziano and Robertson, the council has enjoyed mostly harmonious relations with Mayor Dwight C. Jones […]

Baseball Tournament this Saturday

Councilman Marty Jewell will hold his 3rd Annual Metropolitan Junior Baseball League Invitational Baseball Tournament this Saturday with Virginia-based teams from Richmond, Hampton and Norfolk. The games are free to watch; open to the public; and, everyone is invited come out and enjoy the day. Vendors will be on hand with refreshments. The tournament will […]

5th District Meeting 6/2

For those of you in the 5th District you will have a chance to talk to your councilman this coming Wednesday. From the press release; Councilman Marty Jewell will hold a meeting in the Central 5th District which will include information on goals and accomplishments; a topical agenda; and, special guests. The meeting is free […]

Councilman Marty Jewell Hospitalized

Press Release; Regarding Councilman Marty Jewell (Richmond , Virginia ) – Yesterday evening, Richmond City Councilman E. Martin “Marty” Jewell, Central 5th District was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital. Upon experiencing some chest discomfort and with his physician’s office being closed, Councilman Jewell decided to go to the hospital where he was admitted and is […]

5th District Meeting Tonight

Councilman Marty Jewell to hold meeting in Central 5th District All Central 5th District citizens are invited and encouraged to attend WHAT Richmond City Councilman Marty Jewell, Central 5th District, will hold a meeting in the Central 5th District. Councilman Jewell holds individual meetings throughout the year that include information on his goals and accomplishments; […]

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