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Updated: Found two dogs: Young black/white/brown mix

Neighbor Lesley found this sweet little boy early this morning with no collar or tags. UPDATE! A second dog, obviously a littermate was found nearby. They are both neutered males, and rather young, 6-7 months perhaps. Although there is only one dog pictured, they both have the same coloring and markings. They are a lab […]

Lost Black Lab or Lab-mix Spotted

The Westover Hills Stray Watch got a call this morning that a large black dog–possibly a Lab or Lab-mix–was spotted running loose this morning around 42nd and New Kent, near the park. Driver couldn’t tell whether dog had a collar or no.

Dog Lost During Storm

From Westover Hill’s Stray Watch we learn: “Lexie,” a small (50-pound) spayed female golden retriever, ran off during the storm. She lives in the 5500 block of Riverside Dr. She has all her tags and a microchip and was wearing a blue collar. If you find or see her, please call Dottie Cleal at 230-8834.

Dog Found in Westover Hills

From the Westover Hill Stray Watch; Today we have received notice of a FOUND dog. He was found on Thursday afternoon, May 27, on Riverside Dr. between the 42nd St. parking lot and Southcliff. Here is the description: Beagle / hound mix; Male; about 18 inches high; mostly white with heart-shaped dark spot on his […]

Lost St. Bernard Seen on Forest Hill Avenue

A St. Bernard was seen wondering at Bliley and Forest Hill Avenue this morning around 8:30. He doesn’t seem to have a collar but does look like he has been a pet recently. If you know someone who is missing a St. Bernard, please let them know where he was seen.

Found Welsh Pembroke Corgis in Bon Air

From Craigs List: Two corgis found on Forest Hill running in the road near exxon. I caught them @ 6:10 a.m. (it was hard they are fast). Very lovable dogs male and female. I have two goldens so come get them soon. Its a full house.

Dog Found on Evelyn Byrd

Are you missing a canine companion? A lovely yellow pooch found on Evelyn Byrd. Female, app. 40lbs. and white collar. If you have any information about the animal’s owner please contact Erin at 232-0864 or 512-0630.

Missing Dog: Husky/Shepard Mix June 14 Near Chippenham Hospital

Missing DOG IXCHEL (pronounced EEsh-Chell). PLEASE HELP – She could be anywhere but we are located near Chippenham Hospital. She is a SWEET, 100 lbs. german shepherd, husky mix without her collar on. Email your contact info to me at pagalina [at] yahoo [dog] com and I’ll get it to the very worried owner. I’ve […]

Dog found on Evelyn Byrd

A stray dog has been located in the 4900 block of Evelyn Byrd Road . She is wearing a yellow collar, but is missing tags. If you have any information pertaining to the owner of the animal please call Dave & Diane at 231-0678.

Dog Found at Pony Pasture April 24

I snapped this pic at Crossroads Coffee (small skim latte!) Looks like a 25 lb. black lab mix with white on chin and chest. No mention of gender. Phone number to claim in pic.

Lost Dog – Reward Semmes & Westover

From Wednesday post on Craigslist: Needs medication! Reward offered- no questions asked. Answers to ‘Layla.’ Last seen on Friday, April 24th at 24th Street and Semmes Ave when she slipped out the front door. Fixed, 3 year old, 40 lb female, hound mix, caramel color and white on chest with collar seen in picture. Please […]

Dog Found at Forest Hill & Jhanke

From a Wednesday post on Craigslist, original post, post with picture: Found all white with brown spot on face and back, brown floppy ears with white spots, tall and lengthy, female, looks like may have some pit in her.

Lost Dog

From Craig’s List: My dog got out earlier today and I haven’t seen her yet. She is the dog on the LEFT in the picture, she ran off with the dog on the right, but she came back. Her name is Layla and she should have her collar and tags on her. The collar Is […]

Lost Dog

Pet name: Elsie Rader Species: Dog Breed: Beagle Primary color: Tan Secondary color: White Other characteristics: Pink spots right by her nose Sex: F Weight: 25 lbs. Birth date: 12/24/2007 Microchip number: 4A5A71457F Area last seen: In the backyard of 4607 Forest Hill Avenue Day last seen: 4/16/2009 If you think that you have seen […]

Missing/Found Dog Update

One found dog on Craig’s List from a Tuesday post [UPDATE: this doggie has been joyfully reunited with his family] Found—older dog—maybe some type of beagle mix—appears to have cataracts and appears to be hard of hearing. New pink harness—so I know she belongs to someone and is missed dearly. She was walking down the […]

Lost Dog Named Chunk

Chunk is a neutered male (green linetattoo), American Pit Bull Terrier about 10-11 months  old who is up to date on all vaccines. He was lost in Fredricksburg area while on a trial period prior to adoption. Ring Dog Rescue and foster parent were not notified for 2 days so he could be anywhere including making his […]

Lost Dog

From Craig’s list: My dog Sally is extremely scared of people. We recently adopted her but on the same day she escaped from us when we tried taking her to the vet. She’s very friendly but extremely scared of people and runs away when confronted. She may also be deaf in both ears. She’s a […]

Lost Dog 42nd and 41st

This cute but shy pup was seen on 1/10 at approx. 2:45 between W. 42nd and W. 41st streets. She (I believe) had no collar and seemed to be wondering aimlessly. Richmond animal control apparently doesn’t work on the weekends as they didn’t answer the phone. If you hear of anyone that may be missing […]