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Forest Hill Lake Restoration Fall Update

David Hathcock headed down to the lake and has these thoughts and photos for us. Thanks David. Just another perfect day at the lake. The cooler air pulls mist up to wrap around the trees, draped in autumn. The colors portend the dying of the light for the year, and the natural inhabitants of the […]

Forest Hill Park Lake in RTD

The headline from RTD says it all, “Forest Hill lake project finished under budget, early”. Much of this is not news to our faithful readers but nice to read. Richmond finished the $1.7 million project with about $145,000 left in the bank, though some work remains to be done. New benches will be installed around […]

Lake Restoration Photos XX

This is the last in our series of Lake Restoration Photos. Thanks to David Hathcock  for keeping us all informed through his images and words. [slideshow id=32] We began this journey in May, when reeds and marsh grasses choked the historic old lake, the remnant of 30 years of neglect (See for full archive). […]

Special Weekend Edition of Lake Photos

[slideshow id=30] The past two days have been good only for ducks and tree planters, and we had both at Forest Hill Lake.  Contractors are planting about 400 native specie trees, including spice bush and river birch at the wetlands area at the south end of the park.  Water grasses have been planted on the […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XVIII

[slideshow id=28] The early mornings may have a chill, but down by the lake it is still the lushness of summer.  The arrogance of the heron has returned. Mobile Dredging has completed the shaping of the lake to its new contours.  Masons are scheduled to rebuild the stone wall where possible, and where the wall […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XVII

[slideshow id=26] Update and photos courtesy of David Hathcock. Thanks David. The big beasts were sleeping later this morning, as crews continue to work on the fine tune of the excavation.  Some of the remaining stone wall is being uncovered, and Reedy Creek is back within its historic walls.  The heron has returned to his […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XVI

[slideshow id=25] Weekly photos and report courtesy of David Hathcock. Early morning at Forest Hill Lake, the grunts and chirps from around the lake sound like Pleistocene awakenings. The Mud Cats are busy running up and down the hill, and across the hard lake bottom. The last bit of excavation is the construction of two […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XV

It’s time for our weekly update on Forest Hill Lake from David Hathcock. Thanks David. Almost finished with the hauling out. Engineers are completing the retention basins that will prevent the lake from re-silting in the future and make maintenance easier. When that is complete, residents will see trucks bringing in large rocks to rebuild […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XIV

Thanks to David Hathcock for the following update and pictures. Tuesday, Sept 8. What the Irish would call a “soft” day. The rest of us would call it wet. Ducks would call it wet. But when one walks down to hill to the lake…the lake is back. The work is unfinished, and the outlines need […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XIII

Update and pictures from David Hathcock, thanks for keeping us informed on the restoration. Several story lines this week. This week crews are removing logs from the lake site, some that were down and dead, some that needed to be removed. The log removal, and the removal of the last loads of soil should be […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration XII

Latest update from David Hathcock: You don’t have to have a hurricane to have a flood. The rain over the weekend caused serious flooding at Forest Hill Lake. Even though the 71 year old control valve was open, the water rose to such a level that it overflowed the top of the dam/causeway. You can […]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration VII

The big storm on Sunday did us no favors but progress continues. Pictures were taken 7/14 thanks to David Hathcock. Previous pictures here. [slideshow id=4]

Pictures of Forest Hill Lake Restoration VI

Despite the rain and vandals good progress is being made and the project is about 15-20% done. Thanks to David Hathcock for providing the pictures. Pictures were taken on the July 7th and now are presented in an exciting slide show format.[slideshow id=4]  [singlepic id=105 w=420 h=340 float=] Previous pictures here.

Lake Restoration Tour

Friends of Forest Hill Park hosted a small tour of the lake restoration project Tuesday evening and I was happy to tag along and take a few pics. For more info and photos

Heavy equipment Moves into Forest Hill Park for Lake Project

Exciting developments in the lake dredging project, heavy equipment has been moved to the site to begin work! From Kathy Graziano’s office: Heavy equipment staging for lake restoration. The equipment will be moved before tomorrow. Next week the dewatering process starts and the lake will become a construction area. If you want access, stop at […]

Letters to Forest Hill Park Neighbors About Lake Dredging

With work scheduled to start any day now on the lake dredging at Forest Hill Park, letters were sent out to those most likely to be affected by the work.  The City has worked with the Contractor to develop plans to minimize the mess that may occur from the project-both within the park and within […]

More On Lake Restoration

Loyal readers already knew about the upcoming lake restoration but now the RTD has a few more detailsincluding the cost, $1.7 million. The Friends of Forest Hill Park will have more details at their monthly meeting next Tuesday. Details posted here. The lake, created more than a century ago when the park was part of […]

Forest Hill Park Lake Restoration One Step Closer

According to an email from Larry Miller of the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department the long awaited work to restore Forest Hill Park should begin mid to late March.  Pre-construction meetings will be occurring over the next few weeks and in a perfect world we should all be enjoying a restored Forest Hill Park lake […]