Bobcat Youth Soccer Looking for Players and Coaches

The Bobcat Sports League is getting ready to start up it’s soccer season. Ages 4?15 can signup in front of the L. Brown Middle School (6300 Jahnke Road), Saturday 3/23 from 10 a.m. to noonRegistration fee is  $25.00 and uniforms $40.00 which is dramatically cheaper than Strikers/Kickers. You MUST provide a COPY of Birth Certificate or School Registration for proof of age in order to register your child for soccer. Folk will be on hand offering nutrition counseling for parents and children for the prevention of childhood obesity.

The Bobcat’s are also in need of Coaching Staff so if you have the time to help out some local kids give Bill or Robyn  a call at 323?9864.

If you can’t make the 23rd you can also signup at RE?USE THRIFT & CONSIGNMENT SHOP (6207 Jahnke). If you can’t help coach you can help by making a donation to Re-Use Thrift as profits from the shop help support the Bobcat Sports League.

BOBCAT-Soccer Flyer


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