Patrick Henry Charter Renewed for 5 Years, Talk of Long Term Lease

From RTD

The Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts received the five-year commitment it wanted, not the three-year term that school administrators suggested. The school also received a strong indication that it would get the lease terms on its building that will allow it to pursue financing to make capital improvements.

“I think we heard this is a really strong chance to increase enrollment in Richmond Public Schools and to offer choice,” 1st District member Glen H. Sturtevant Jr. said in making a motion for the five-year term.

His motion was supported by Chairman Jeff M. Bourne, of the 3rd District; Vice Chairman Donald L. Coleman, 7th; Kim B. Gray, 2nd; Kristen N. Larson, 4th; and Mamie L. Taylor, 5th.

Shonda M. Harris-Muhammed, 6th; Derik Jones, 8th; and Tichi L. Pinkney Eppes, 9th, opposed the measure.


  1. #1 • Terri •

    Whoopee! Its about time!

  2. #2 • Sundagger •

    It appears that renewal had unanimous support. There was just disagreement as to the terms of the lease period. What would happen if every school in the system had the accountability requirements of PH?

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