The Cranky Taxpayer Takes a Look at Troublesome Properties

The Cranky Taxpayer blog takes a look and voices an opinion on one area in our neighborhood.

If you follow the crime incident reports from the Police Department you will notice a lot of reports from the 400 and 600 blocks of Westover Hills Boulevard.  There is a lot of disorder in those blocks.


  1. #1 • Sue •

    I agree those blocks are certainly area trouble spots but they are *not* a part of the Forest Hill Neighborhood Association, so we’re lacking any justification to take action against those landlords.

  2. #2 • Reighning Blows •

    The govt. will make it all better.

  3. #3 • Jennifer C. •

    “Take action?” Really? We should absolutely be more worried about possible temporary mentally ill neighbors than we are about FELONS having a lease down the street. Nice to know where your focus is. I’m equidistant between the two places, I can tell you where my concern is, and it’s not with the six-bed facility under state oversight.

  4. #4 • Greg •

    Re read the notice from the city regarding the crisis center. Expect many of those people to be current and future felons.

  5. #5 • Mark •

    I looked at the statistics for the START program (crisis center) for last year (on their website). It said that 52% of the people referred to the program in 2012 were being referred due to aggression. On top of that, a large percentage had substance abuse problems. So, it’s not just mental illness issues, but the “acting out” of those issues that is disturbing. And it does say “previous contact with law enforcement/ incarceration”.The Somerset Glen apartments crime issues bother me also. Jennifer C, just because there is already a problem, why be complacent about the potential for more problems? All the more reason not to add more to the mix.

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