RVA gets ready to fine your can

Richmond’s 5-year old ordinance regarding supercans and recycle bins that obstruct the right of way on sidewalks, alleys and roadways is schedule to begin enforcement on March 11. Rules state  you can’t but your supercan/recycle bin out before 4 pm on the day before your service and it should be removed by 7 am the day after your services. The fine is $50 a day for every day you violate the rule. The fines for supercans will be based on the serial number so you might want to check and make sure you have the correct can since you wouldn’t want to get fined for another’s laziness/forgetfulness.  If you need to identify the serial number assigned to your property and supercan, call 804-646-1798.


  1. #1 • whr •

    Do super cans in alleys just need to be out of the way of traffic?

  2. #2 • Trouble TrashCan Owner •

    Yeah, I wonder the same thing. It would help if the trashman actually put my trashcan back in the right yard.

  3. #3 • Sean •

    So this only applies if it’s in a road or walkway correct? As in i won’t get fined if the can is sitting at the front of my property but on the grass by the road and not on the road itself.

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