Businesses can request a bike rack

Example of post and ring rack. Photo courtesy of Ride RVA.

My informal survey (based entirely on my faulty memory) shows that there are 3 businesses in the area that have bike racks. Crossroads, Coqui Cyclery and Riverside Outfitters all have the option for securely and safely locking up a bike. Ride RVA interviews Jakob Helmboldt and bike racks were the main topic including how a business can go about getting a bike rack installed. In case you didn’t know  Jakob is the pedestrian, bicycle and trail coordinator for the city of Richmond and has lead the charge on installing 120 of the post-and-ring “bike hitch” style racks. [Full Interview]

RideRVA: If a business would like a rack located at their business will the city accommodate their request?

JH: Yes, so long as it is within city right-of-way and can be installed appropriately (ensuring pedestrian flow, loading zones, etc). With limited racks we also want to make sure we put them where they will be used (are needed) so we would aim to put them in areas where bike traffic exists or is likely.

The city will soon create a web page for the bike/ped program and on it they will have a “request a rack” link. In the meantime, anyone that has a request for a rack can contact me directly by phone or email (646-7141 JAKOB.HELMBOLDT@RICHMONDGOV.COM) and I will add it to the list of requests for installations this spring.


  1. #1 • em •

    several fan restaurants including Uptown Deli have these as well

  2. #2 • Chip •

    Pibby’s Bicycle & Skate has one too!

  3. #3 • Brian •

    CVS could use one.

  4. #4 • DW •

    Need one in front of Perly’s if there hasn’t been one installed in the last 2 months.

  5. #5 • Pageh •

    Let your favorite businesses know about the opportunity! wouldn’t it be great if O’toole’s had one? and the SOTJ could use some more racks too.

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