Dog Found

This dog showed up on Taylor Avenue yesterday, 11/21. No collar. Not neutered. Skittish, but not aggressive. Hungry. He is in a backyard for now. He needs his family or fostering. Call me at 230.1965. Stella (Mom of Mindy who is home!)


  1. #1 • Philip Licking •

    Saturday 1pm, just spotted him on W. 42nd at Dunston. No collar. Called animal control.

  2. #2 • Kathy •

    This is regarding a different dog. Saturday morning (a little after 10am), a beagle was spotted at corner of Southcliff and Riverside. It headed toward 4600-4500 blk of Riverside, Had a tag, but would not come to us and headed down toward the river/Buttermillk trail. Another driver stopped too and thought he had a hurt leg.

  3. #3 • Stella Graham-Landau •

    he escaped the yard we had him in on saturday morning. hope he finds a good warm home soon.

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