Stray dog roaming on Leicester

For at least 3 days the dog pictured here has been roaming around Yeardley Drive, ¬†Argall and Leicester Rd. With a team of 4 people we still couldn’t catch him but he looks really neglected. I’m not sure what we can do but thought you could put the word out.


  1. #1 • Alexis •

    My friend has caught this dog. He’ll get a vet visit and a plan of action will be determined at that time. They are hoping he’s microchipped…

  2. #2 • BA •

    That’s good news- poor thing. Thankfully someone is taking care of him :)

  3. #3 • judy francis •

    oh good !!!! I tried to catch him (or her) twice and couldn’t get near him ! Good job guys ! I’ll keep checking or let me know, my neighbors might be interested in adopting him.

  4. #4 • Emily Ann Kilbride •

    Judy, he will be up for adoption through Henrico Humane Society! Unfortunately he was not micro chipped but he is healthy and very sweet!

  5. #5 • Lesley •

    Thank you for catching him! He looks so dejected. I have shared his picture, from Lost & Found Dogs Virginia, on my FB profile. Everyone should share it.

  6. #6 • Amanda •

    I am so relieved to hear he’s OK! I tried to catch him several times. He was so scared and would growl and run away. So glad to know he’ll have a home soon!

  7. #7 • Emily Ann Kilbride •

    He has a new home!! I just dropped him off last night, he will have an awesome life :0)

  8. #8 • Emily Ann Kilbride •

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