Newly elected school board member Mamie Taylor looking to work with citizens


Thanks to Byrd Park for posting the following.

School Board member-elect, Mamie Taylor is looking for input from her constituents. On Friday, November 17 at 7pm, those who would like to help cultivate a consensus in the 5th district communities are invited to a public organizing meeting at the Randolph Community Center.


A community action group meeting is scheduled to take place tonight, yes tonight at the Randolph Community Center on Grayland Avenue. The meeting will begin at 7:00pm sharp and headed-up by Everette Fields (accompanied by Gregory Day-my campaign manager). These two men are strong activists and organizers in our community and they are stepping up to ensure that we (your elected officials) are held accountable and extend a strong ear to your concerns. This meeting is for all 5th district residents and it offers you the perfect opportunity to let your voice be heard. So please join us as we venture upon a new kind of local government – one that elevates honesty and accountability!!!!!

Thank you,

Mamie – School Board Elect


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