Gammino might be out of 5th District race

This news is coming from the  Byrd Park site. I haven’t seen any supporting evidence. I do want to add that Jason who runs the Byrd Park site has no reason to make this up so I’m believing that Gammino is out of the race.

Citing news of a $13.7 million lawsuit from a Norfolk bank, David Gammino says he’s decided not to challenge Marty Jewell for the 5th district City Council seat. The suit pertains to work allegedly performed by Gammino’s development firm, City & Guilds, in concert with Justin French’s infamous multimillion-dollar fraud over historic tax credits. In a chance run-in in Carytown, Gammino noted that it would be impossible to keep focused on his campaign platform with the lawsuit hanging out there. This leaves Lee Shewmake the lone challenger to Jewell’s seat.


  1. #1 • Stuffa •

    I don’t see anything about this on Gammino’s website as of this evening (Sunday).

  2. #2 • Richard.H •

    Stuffa the official RTD announcement is here: Local news sites beat the big boys to the punch.

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  4. #3 • Stuffa •


  5. #4 • sundagger •

    A shame. Gammino could have beaten Jewell. Now we are stuck for another four years.

  6. #5 • Emma •

    Oh, Sundagger, don’t say that. Lee has much more sense than Marty!

  7. #6 • C.G. Vaughan •

    Lee would be a fresh start, not connected or obligated to anyone!!
    Everyone should throw their support to Lee

  8. #7 • Stuffa •

    Sundagger, there IS challenger to Marty Jewell.

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