Byrd Park interviews 5th District candidate Lee Shewmake

I posted an article yesterday about the finances of the 5th District race so it’s nice timing that Jason of Byrd Park is running an interview with Woodland Heights resident and candidate Lee Shewmake. I’m just pulling one question and answer you’ll have to head to Byrd Park read the rest of the interview.

What do you hope to accomplish on City Council?

My number one priority will be what the constituents want accomplished, which is after all, the purpose of this position. The following points are reflective of the feedback I have received:

Easy access to your Representative (contact me at,, (H) 230-7684, (C) 212-6847, ElectLee on Facebook or (coming soon) Twitter.
Improve quality of life for citizens
Reduce the property tax rate
Reduce/eliminate the meals tax
Assist with improving schools
Improve and expand business sector
Reduce waste in spending
Help to bring true vision to the district and the city that includes details not just big blocks
Provide true transparency to the public
Regional co-operation
(A more comprehensive Issues List is on my website:

Does this sound like a big load to tackle? It is, which is why I feel it is imperative that we have a full-time Representative to focus on these important issues. I am the only candidate offering full-time service to the 5th district, free of both professional time constraints (I am retired) and conflicts of interest.


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