Mapping RVA with old photos

John Murden the Godfather of the local news site has started a new project. Inspired by Cameron Holmes’ mapping of historic photos of the streets of old Fulton, John has put together a page for mapping historic photos of Richmond as a whole. What he has now is a rough working draft but you an add some photos and of course give feedback.

I spent entirely too much of my Sunday going through old photos and fooling around with Google maps adding photos to represent the Southbank. It is amazing to me however how under represented the Southbank is in the historic photo department. Hopefully we can help change that by contributing. Don’t be thrown by the word historic, we aren’t looking for great moments in history. If you have a picture of your parents in front of their Woodland Heights home in 1975 that is great, add it to the mix.

If you are stymied by the form for submitting the photos or don’t have a spot to put them send them to me and I’ll help you out. I also found this link to be helpful when figuring out the latitude and longitude. If you have two photos for the exact same spot like I do for Nick’s Grill make sure and use slightly different latitude and longitude. If you use the exact same it will simply overwrite.


  1. #1 • Andrew Lester •

    This is awesome. Glad that there are people in our city that love it enough to dedicate their time and energies to contribute stuff like this.

  2. #2 • Mary Boyes •

    John: This is great idea! Have you considered linking this up with Hope in the Cities and Unpakcing the Cenusus

    “This program was conceived, researched
    and designed by Dr. John Moeser, a
    nationally recognized urban planning
    expert, to educate the Richmond region
    about its most dire issues and their origin.”

    It seems like photos of what the city was like before the highways, especially in Fulton and Jackson Ward, would be very telling and might be useful to the Unpacking project.

  3. #3 • Lisa •

    John Murden sure has done some wonderful things to connect our city up in more ways than one. That is such a gift.

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