First day of South of the James Farmers’ Market

As I type this the South of the James Farmers’ Market is in full swing. I’m not going to make it down there today so I turn to my loyal readers for answers to the burning questions.

  • What did you pick up?
  • Which new vendors impressed?
  • Any old hands not there, that you miss?
  • Pictures to share?


  1. #1 • pjpink •

    Ault’s chicken. Spring Hill beef. Red leaf lettuce from Victory. Iced coffees from Blanchard’s. Fresh garlic form Pleitez. Della Nonna sausage with ramps from Sausage Craft.

    And if anyone has market photos, post them on Flickr, too!

  2. #2 • rich •

    the photo meetup group had an event there, album at

  3. #3 • Scott •

    Picked up some garlic dill pickles, marinara sauce, portabella mushrooms, asparagus, spring garlic, chicken fingers for the pups, yummy chevre from Goats R Us, Blanchards dark as dark beans…a good haul Saturday and the market was packed…a fantastic first day!

  4. #4 • whr •

    Great to see Rocking F back again. Tom and Vicki Farmer (yes, actually their names) are so personable and offer great produce at great prices. Got some beets, onions, and greens from them. Also picked through the leftovers at Victory Farm (got there a little late). Looks like the mild winter woill allow some produce to come in early.

    Missed Meat on the Street’s bacon hashbrowns, but was able to get a donut!

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