Police investigating death on Cowardin

Photo courtesy of ABC8

Very little information has been realeased. At this point all we can say for sure that a male was found dead this morning around 5:30 near Semmes and Cowardin.

From ABC 8:

Police responded to the 400 block of Cowardin Avenue, near Semmes Avenue, for a report of a possible shooting. Officers found a male victim dead at the scene.

Richmond Police officials said it appeared the victim died of a gun shot wound, but the investigation is on-going. A cause of death has not been determined.

No suspect information has been released.

If the gun shot wound is confirmed, it would be Richmond’s first shooting and homicide on May after an extremely violent April. Last month, 31 people were shot and five were killed within city limits.


  1. #1 • toesinthesand •

    I saw it at 5:30. Thought is was just a traffic stop I was coming up on and then counted 18 cop cars, a few SUVs and an ambulance. Coming back by at 7:15 most of them were still there.

  2. #2 • Scott •

    Yeah, I passed by on my way to work about 6:35 and there were tons of cops in the Citgo parking lot and had the street pretty much blocked off. Didn’t knwo what was going on until I read what happened on the Times Dispatch web site.

    I wish all this nonsense would stop!

  3. #3 • Noone •

    Heard some gunshots at around midnight from a few blocks down. Couldn’t tell what direction they were coming from. I didn’t hear any sirens so I figured it wasn’t anything. Gave me a bad feeling though, even though you’re bound to hear gunshots coming from somewhere every night in this town. Actually, there were at least 7 of them, spaced out over maybe 2 or 3 minutes?

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  5. #4 • Andrew Lester •

    River City Comprehensive Counseling Services is offering grief counseling and group therapy free of charge to those who were impacted by all of the recent shootings in Manchester. Please contact 804-230-0999 for more information if you are interested in attending.

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