Sunday in the Park with Friends in pictures

I took over 60 pictures yesterday and was going to sit and edit them today to post. Then these were posted to the H&H Facebook and are much better than anything in my pile. Thanks Sandy’s Dad for sharing. RTD also has a gallery but it wasn’t working for me on my computer.

We could only spend about a hour at Sunday in the Park but a good time was had and turnout was picking up as the clouds burned off. I liked the addition of vendors and bought a couple tee shirts. Only minor quibble, I would have liked more food options but overall thought it was a great event. Share your thoughts and/or pictures in the comments.


  1. #1 • Pedro •

    Great set, loved the one of Olsen on the slide. Now I remember seeing him over by the playground. Good stuff.

  2. #2 • anne •

    Hey, I see my kid! We had a great time.

  3. #3 • toesinthesand •

    Huge thanks to Friends of Forest Hill Park for putting on a great event! And thanks to Mother Nature for giving us such great weather. Our family had a great time and enjoyed seeing our friends having fun too!

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