Maggie the cat is missing

From Westover Hills Straywatch;

“Maggie” the gray and black tabby cat has been missing from her home on the 5100 block of King William Road for more than a week. A photograph of her is attached. At last note she had on a collar, but may or may not have an identification tag. If you have seen her, please contact Julie Meyer at

Thanks for the many tips about the travels of the skittish black pit bull on Wednesday. Many people saw him, especially in the vicinity of Dorchester and Devonshire, but were unable to catch him. The first sighting seems to have been at 5 a.m. on Forest Hill Ave. coming toward Westover Hills from Willow Oaks; the last was in the evening on Devonshire headed toward the library. If anyone has seen him since then, please let us know when and where.


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