Accident on Riverside this morning

I don’t have many details but folks on the Woodland Heights Yahoo Group are talking about it and I was asked if I knew anything. Nothing was listed in the paper or the Daily Police Report. The following was posted to Woodland Heights Yahoo Group:

A black jeep cherokee flipped this morning on Riverside between 29th and 30th. Our house shook from it! 2 young, White males were seen fleeing the scene. I think one was caught by the police. Several people called 911. A tow truck is currently removing the vehicle.

And later someone added that they talked to “officer Gill. One person is in custody. She needs witnesses who saw the accident and the 2nd person fleeing to call her. 804-447-5039″

Anybody know any more?


  1. #1 • Justin •

    On my way to work, police indicated driver was drunk.

    On the bright side, it delayed/annoyed all the SunTrust employees cutting through our neighborhood!!!

  2. #2 • Katie •

    I was running this morning witnessed this. I tried to call the number above but it is incorrect. I called the non-emergency police number but they had no record of the accident? I’m happy to give the information I have – if someone would like to call me my number is 804-308-8169.

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