Music in the Park schedule released

I hear that there is a little music festival on Brown’s Island this weekend called Shadrock but we on the Southbank give away our music for free throughout the summer. Music in the Park takes place at Forest Hill Park and the schedule has been released so get out the calendar and mark the dates.

  • Bio Ritmo – (Hot Salsa) – May 20 – This is my official H&H must see
  • Skydog -(Allman Bros.Tribute) June 17
  • 808 – (Ska) – July 22
  • 3rd Wave - (Surf Rock favorites) – August 19 – Yes it links to an actual MySpace page.
  • Blue Line Highway – (Americana Folk Rock) – Sept 16
  • Broad Street Ramblers – (Hawaiian Island string favorites) – Oct. 21


  1. #1 • pablo •

    looks like a great lineup. Especially glad to get SkyDog, the Allman Bros. cover band (w/ 2 drummers) back to FH Park!

  2. #2 • Ashley •

    We need to get Three Sheets to the Wind down there!!

  3. #3 • Justin •

    um, maybe a dumb question, but what time do the bands start?

  4. #4 • Richard.H •

    Last year it was 6-8 except the last 2 or 3 which were from 5-7. I assume it is the same this year but have no facts to back up my assumption.

  5. #5 • Phil Licking •

    May-August shows are 6pm-8pm. September-October shows are 5pm-7pm.

  6. #6 • Todd Ranson •

    Thanks for the positive comments!! I will try for Three Sheets next season. I’ll have to use all my persuasional skills though b/c they are very expensive and the budget for the MITP is very small.

    Mr. Licking is right, shows run from 6-8pm until the Sept/Oct shows which run from 5-7pm.

    Please bring a picnic and as many friends and family members as you can !!!

  7. #7 • Todd Ranson •

    Hot tip by the way…. Skydog is playing Riverrock on May 20th and their set meshes perfectly with the Bio Ritmo set in the Park. There is one hour btw sets to get yourself re-situated. Serendipity !!

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  11. #8 • Artsline at WCVE Public Radio •

    If you would like free publicity for these concerts, please go to to submit them via our online form. Please read ALL submission criteria before your first submission so that you are aware of our deadlines, etc.

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