Details emerge in Manchester double homicides

RTD has the unfortunate details in this senseless crime.

Police spokeswoman Dionne Waugh confirmed that investigators believe the motive for the shootings was a dispute between neighbors. Sanchez said she was home early Wednesday evening when she heard Ahmad Phillips arguing with the owner of a pit bull. She said Ahmad Phillips complained that the dog had urinated outside Phillips’ apartment the previous day and then found feces outside his door on Wednesday. Sanchez said Phillips had moved the feces and placed it outside the dog owner’s apartment and the dog owner had moved it back.

The information above is not from any official police statement. The woman quoted, Maria Sanchez lives in the building. Sanchez took pictures shortly after the crime with her phone and posted a graphic video to Facebook. The details of exactly what happened are still unclear but it appears that the involved parties started fighting at least verbally a few times before the shooting. Police were called in twice due to noise prior to the shootings. Again this information is from Sanchez and the RTD not the Richmond Police.


  1. #1 • Brado •

    There’s a flyer joke here somewhere, but I’ll refrain from attempting it.

  2. #2 • the leemur •

    How thoughtful of Ms Sanchez to post photos and a video to Facebook. I’m sure the family appreciates that. Ugh.

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