Buy your Westover Hills neighbor’s stuff on Saturday

Tomorrow (Saturday 4/21) from 8am to 12, is the big Westover Hills community yard sale. There is an ad in today’s and tomorrow’s RTD and it looks like quite a few folks are participating. There are also some households, such as this one, that failed to pay attention to the date and didn’t get their information to the Westover Hills Neighborhood Association in time to be placed in the paper, so keep an eye out for those rogue sellers. Full list of those in the paper below. If you forgot to get your name in the paper or have a sale outside of Westover Hills ¬†feel free to add it in the comments or use our handy event calendar.

Homes Participating: CALEDONIA RD: 5009, 5014, 5214 CEDAR LN: 1408 DEVONSHIRE: 4613, 4614, 5008, 5012, 5022, 5204 EVELYN BYRD RD: 4902, 5105, 5112, 5113 KING WILLIAM: 4619, 4716, 5007, 5023, 5112, 5218 LANGDON CT: 5601 NEW KENT RD: 4901, 4905, 4916, 4918, 5110, 5111 RIVERSIDE DR: 5111 SOUTHCLIFF RD: 1908 SYLVAN RD: 4623, 5013, 5100, 5200, 5210


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