Safer parking and reduced membership cost courtesy of Westover Hills Merchants Association

An update from the Westover Hills Merchants’ Association: The Westover Hills Merchants’ Association and the Department of Public Works Traffic Engineering Division have collaborated to identify and improve parking along Forest Hill Avenue in the merchants’ corridor.

Parking along the 4900 block of Forest Hill Avenue westbound has been legal, but unsafe, because the parking areas were not readily identifiable. The Merchants’ Association requested that the parking area along Forest Hill be marked with a solid white line, telling parkers and motorists that the area was safe and legal for parking. Traffic Engineers surveyed the situation, took measurements, and agreed that there was adequate safe lane space to the markings, and the lines were applied the week of April 16th. The project required no acquisition of additional property, and costs were minimal as part of the regular maintenance budget.

The effort is part of the ongoing plan of the Westover Hills Merchants Association to provide a better business and consumer climate, and to carry out the recommendations of a VCU study last fall of the merchants’ corridor. An association work group is also meeting with the City Department of Community and Economic Development to gain a better city understanding of the importance of the corridor to the economic and community life of the Forest Hill/Westover Hills neighborhoods. The association is also assisting new business to locate in the area, and to provide incentives for other merchants to join the association.

President Amen Kawajy also is announcing a trial membership for new, emerging businesses in the area. The three month trial period will be free for a new and emerging business, and $25 for an existing business that has not previously been a member of the association. Several existing businesses are also developing incentive programs to encourage existing or new businesses to join the association, which can be reached at


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    Great job Westover Hills Merchants Assocation!!! The community is lucky to have you.

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