Lost cats update, including a new found cat

From Westover Hills Straywatch:

We have reports of another stray cat that has taken up residence at a home other than his or her own. A white/tan Persian is camping out on Langdon Court in Westover Hills West. Please see the attached photograph.If you are or know the owner, please contact Ada-Marie at 804.303.8095.

The male orange tabby found on the 5000 block of Devonshire is still homeless. The finders have posted signs around the neighborhood. If you see evidence of anyone looking for a missing male orange tabby cat, please alert Terry Johnston at or 804-304-9532.

Happily, the second formerly feral cat, “London,” is now home – thanks to a tip from a neighbor who saw a StrayWatch alert. Thank you all for your vigilance and conscientiousness.


  1. #1 • Lisa •

    I’m pretty sure this is the cat from the movie “Babe.” — “They call it ‘pork…’”

  2. #2 • Stuffa •

    You sure its not the guy who warns us to check our diabeetus?

  3. #3 • Val •

    ‘Trouble with Tribbles” my favorite episode!

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