Keep Forest Hill Quiet

Byran shared this photo (he isn’t the flyer creator) he shot in Forest Hill. Below is the relevant city ordinance.

Sec. 38-42. – Noisy animals and birds.
No person shall allow any animal or bird to create sound such that it is plainly audible at least once a minute for ten consecutive minutes:
(1) Inside the confines of the dwelling unit, house or apartment of another; or
(2) At least 50 feet from the animal or bird.

Is this an issue in your neighborhood?


  1. #1 • whitney •

    Woodland Heights needs this flyer, too.

  2. #2 • Lisa •

    Westover Hills needs this flyer, too. Hand-addressed and mailed.

  3. #3 • Cate Fitt •

    How about leaf blowers and lawn mowers?

  4. #4 • AreaMan •

    If you can hear dogs over subwoofers and squealing brakes/tires, consider yourself fortunate.

  5. #5 • Tvnewsbadge •

    They don’t call South Richmond Dog Town for nothing.

  6. #6 • Stuffa •

    When this happens, we just call the neighbors with the offending animals directly.

  7. #7 • Foust •

    There’s one on the telephone pole in front of our house. Interestingly, the house nearest us with a barking dog (2 doors down) was not “gifted” with a flyer and likely has not seen any of them. if the writer likes being a member of the the community so much, why not do the neighborly thing and actually talk to the person whose dog is barking? Or is this from a cat out there who has learned to type?

  8. #8 • John •

    I agree. Be an adult and talk to the offending neighbor.

  9. #9 • Martin •

    I agree w/Lisa, Westover Hills needs this too.

    As far as talking to the owner(s) it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from most of the time, especially when it’s a chorus.

  10. #10 • AreaMan •

    Tagged passiveagressivenotes, firstworldproblems

  11. #11 • Garth •

    I agree on the passive aggressive thing. If it really is a problem then talk to your neighbor about it. Remember, too, dogs don’t often bark when everything is peaceful and idyllic (like living in the country); generally they bark when something is wrong (e.g. when folks are breaking in to our houses or wandering through our alleys).

  12. #12 • Josh Landon •

    Please call Channel 8 if you are a resident in Forrest Hill having problems with dogs barking! The number is 804-330-8815.

  13. #13 • O •

    Dogs are a form of a security system. With the recent break-ins, I say let ‘em bark!
    This flyer does seem kinda passive aggressive and snobby.

  14. #14 • Stuffa •

    Call Channel 8? You have got to be kidding.

  15. #15 • Jeff •

    Completely agree with the last few takes on the flyer. I guarantee you you’ll get a much better response if you just approach your neighbors in a polite and friendly way than you will by posting some self-righteous flyer. And if you approach them and they’re rude to you, then, I hate to tell you, a flyer wasn’t going to work, either.

  16. #16 • AreaMan •

    Also, to the flyer author: principle, not principal.

    Keep Forest Hill Literate!

  17. #17 • Foust •

    Well, somebody must have called Channel 8, because I was just interviewed by them. They had a reporter and a camera guy and they were asking about the flyers.

  18. #18 • Stuffa •

    Oh for pity’s sake. A TV station, people?

    May the spite wars begin!

  19. #19 • fht4evah •

    Will the author of the scandalous flyer be revealed? Tune in tonight for the shocking season finale of Forest Hill Drama Queens!

  20. #20 • Area Man •

    Dear Flyer Author:

    Let’s swap houses for 7 days. I’ll bet you never complain about barking dogs again.


    Also: Slow news day, Channel 8? ELL-OH-ELL.

  21. #21 • Foust •

  22. #22 • Lisa •

    @Stuffa, I’ve talked to neighbors with incessant barking dogs dozens (and dozens) of times. I’m not talking about the occasional security bark, or Look! Squirrel bark … these are the ones that leave leave the dog in the yard all day, barking and whimpering to get back in the house. Kills me.

  23. #23 • Stuffa •

    That would kill me too. Sorry that you are subjected to that, and sorry to hear that the dogs are experiencing some sort of separation anxiety or something.Time to suggest doggie day care?

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