Forest Hill Neighborhood Watch daily walks

When?  Monday – Friday at 9:00 am
Where? Stone House in Forest Hill Park
How? Take a friendly walk with your neighbors!
Why? There have been several home burglaries and car thefts in the past few months, mainly M-F from 8:30-11:00am. We need your help to catch the criminals.

  • See strangers lurking in the road or alleys? Call police.
  • See school aged kids hanging out during school hours? Call police or the Truancy Hotline 646-2223.
  • Hear glass breaking or excessive dog barking? Call police.
  • See a suspicious car? Get a description and call police.
  • Did a stranger knock on your door asking weird questions or soliciting money? Call police.
  • Keep valuables out of cars.

POLICE - 911 or 646-5100
The more visible we are to the public, the stronger the message we send to criminals that we will see them, the police will be called and they will be caught.
Feel free to print the attached flyer and leave on neighbor’s cars!

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  1. #1 • Sherri •

    There was a similar break in yesterday in Springhill. (First knocked on door, in the daytime, back door kicked in) Some neighbors saw the bad guys leaving and called police – I believe at least one arrest was made. Don’t know much more than that, but let’s hope this puts a stop to these bold daytime break ins…

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