Dixie Chicken bringing southern cooking to the neighborhood

Soon there will be a local option (1203 Westover Hills Blvd) for some home made biscuits, chicken and BBQ. I first heard about The Dixie Chicken on Twitter but a couple of Facebook messages later I have the details of the latest food option to hit our area. I could rewrite what Todd sent me but I’ll just let him speak for himself.

We are a Southern made from scratch takeout establishment with aspirations toward catering and food cart vending as well. The upshot of our menu is homemade biscuits with fresh eggs,sausage,ect. in the. a.m and pork chicken and brisket bbq (all sauces and rubs housemade). Real southern buttermilk fried chicken (fried in lard). Pork belly and cole slaw sandwich, softshell crab, crabcakes. And a plethora of southern sides like hopin john, slowcooked greens, baked macaroni and cheese you name it. Lots of seasonal, local stuff, tomato pie, cucumber salad, caprese salad with house made mozzarella (not southern but local). And whatever else the area seems to want.

(Editor’s note: I was curious about what style of BBQ sauce he was planning and got the following response.)I will have several house made sauces and hot sauces available. The base flavoring for all the bbq’s will be spice rub and vinegar. I will also have a carolina vinegar based sauce, a sweeter smokier sauce and a mustardy sauce which people can add to there liking. House made varietal hotsauces ranging from poblano to super hot scorpion peppers will also be available.

I have been a chef for over twenty years. I grew up on big southern Sunday dinners and holiday feasts. I apprenticed at the Fox Head Inn in Manakin under Robert Ramsey and went on to work at Zeus Gallery a six year stint at the country club of Virginia and several other area restaurants and hotels before becoming head chef at L.A. Grill. For the past seven years I have worked for Johnny Giavos and his family. With my late wife’s illness Johnny’s compassion and understanding and the agreeable hours were a good fit. After her passing I treaded water for sometime, never losing my passion for food. A few months ago my roomate Sheila Wilkins found a food cart for sale and our search for a kitchen led us to Westover Hills. Once our health inspection is secure and we receive our c/o I will inform everyone of our opening date.

Thanks again for your interest and I would greatly value any insight you or your readers might have as to which hours of operation would best suit their needs. Best regards, Todd.

Thank you to Kendra Bailey Morris aka @accidental_chef who runs the great website Fatback and Foiegras.


  1. #1 • Kendra Bailey Morris •

    Thanks for the kind shout-out. Can’t wait for an opening!

  2. #2 • Greg •

    Sounds great! Let us know the opening date.

  3. #3 • Brado •

    YUM! Will the BBQ be smoked on premises? Or, how will it be ‘cooked’?

  4. #4 • MMMMMMMM •

    This is probably the most exciting news that’s ever been posted on this blog. Fried chicken and homemade biscuits within walking distance from my house. Its like a dream come true!

  5. #5 • Anne Butler •

    Can’t wait until you open! I love everything southern especially what is not good for you to eat. Let me know when you open.

  6. #6 • Phil Licking •

    Music in the Park takeout destination.

  7. #7 • Jennifer C. •

    I knowwww. I can walk there from home and work. I already printed out the article for work! For some reason, I find the name incredibly appealing.

  8. #8 • Phil •

    I live across the street and work from home so it looks like I’ll be frequenting this place! Very excited!

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  10. #9 • Dee •

    It’s open — I drove by this morning (Tuesday, 4/3) and saw a sign out front advertising biscuits to go and the neon “open” sign was flashing. Looking forward to checking it out.

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