Things I saw in H&H today

  • A motorcycle rider park his motorcycle on a sidewalk and then the rider walked into the store.
  • A dead skunk.
  • Two pieces of plywood holding up a brick retaining wall.

Not meant to be anything serious just an observation from my day in the H&H.


  1. #1 • Phil Riggan •

    I like it when you post these Richard, wish I had an outlet like that.

  2. #2 • Richard.H •

    Thanks Phil. I feel they are a little self indulgent so it’s nice to hear someone is enjoying them. If someone were to share a beer with me they would pretty much hear the same things but with more cursing.

  3. #3 • Jennifer C. •

    The skunk was in the vicinity of the RR overpass on FH, and we did not enjoy it much. I would have enjoyed watching the motorcycle walk into the store, though :P

  4. #4 • Doug Dobey •

    Jennifer beat me to the punch.

  5. #5 • Richard.H •

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about and I certainly didn’t go back and edit the original post. Completely unrelated it is good to have full editing capabilities.

  6. #6 • MichelleH •

    I like it too – it’s along the lines of those things you see but never hear the backstory on, and always wonder about. I often think, “WHAT was that noise? Did anyone else hear it?” or “How did that box get THERE – and why?”, but in our busy day, we just pass by and never know. Thanks, Richard! Nice to know I’m not alone, “seeing things”!

  7. #7 • Evie •

    In case you were wondering, the dead skunk is still there.

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