Relay Foods adding Whole Foods to lineup

I know folks were excited when Relay Foods added a pickup stop in the area, so I suspect that people will be equally excited to know that they’ll have more options from this unique grocery delivery service. WorkIt Richmond broke the news and has the details.

Relay will add more items from Whole Foods over time, based on customer request and interest, the company said.

“Our goal is to make sure Relay is a one-stop shop for everything our customers need. We constantly hear from Charlottesville customers that our relationship with Whole Foods Market perfectly rounds out our offerings from local farms, artisans and smaller grocers,” said Arnie Katz, Relay’s president and chief operating officer.



  1. #1 • Will •

    Excellent! We use them regularly. How many other people out there do too?

  2. #2 • Joanna •

    LOVE IT!!! So excited. We use Relay regularly and already love them, but adding Whole Foods only makes it better!

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