Mayor Jones throws support behind Patrick Henry

The full story is on RTD and below are a couple quotes.
Mayor Dwight C. Jones:

“I’m giving you my commitment that we’re going to dedicate our staff and our resources to ensuring we put fresh eyes on education in the city of Richmond,” he told a small but appreciative audience of the Patrick Henry Parent-Teacher Association.

Jones, a former chairman of the Richmond School Board, embraced the charter school as a needed innovation in public education rather than an adversary to a public school system that he said needs “a radical restructuring and retooling” in how it educates children.

“We can’t take anything off of the table in terms of providing a quality education to our young people,” he said.

Anne Chamblin, PHSSA Art teacher:

Chamblin called for the boards of the school system and charter school to work together as parents must to help their children succeed. “We need to model that behavior,” she said. “We need to teach them how to compromise and how to communicate.”


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    We need a Charter Middle School next!

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