Parkside Closed for now

Things are a bit of flux at Parkside Cafe. First on February 21st they posted that they wouldn’t be open on Monday.

Just letting everyone know our hours of operation are changing just a bit, we will now be closed Mondays, all other hours will stay the same. thanks!

Then yesterday they posted this;

Parkside Cafe will be closed temporarily for a little while, sorry for the inconvenience.

This afternoon an anonymous source close to the restaurant says that the chef is leaving/has left to go work at a new place that will open soon, leaving the place in limbo. Hopefully things will be worked in short order and the doors will open again soon.

Update from Parkside received as a Twitter direct message: “Hey Richard, its milton from parkside, no clue who you talked to, but I have no immediate plans to go work anywhere.”

Further Update from hit the link to get the full details but my anonymous source was at least half-correct (Edited to add ” at least half” and strike the implication that the Parkside Twitter was wrong) the Parkside Twitter account not so much. Kudos to Karri Peifer for getting the details from one of the owners.

As for the abrupt closing, Munford says Milton would have to speak to that.

“He decided to go and there wasn’t any real heads up to the rest of us … that’s why we didn’t have anyone waiting in the wings,” Munford said.

Munford is Brian Munford  co-owner of Parkside and Milton is Travis Milton who is a chef and co-owner of Parkside. Expect to see the doors reopen in 10-14 days.


  1. #1 • Lisa •

    Aw, that’s too bad. I was under the impression that the chef was one of the partners, but clearly, not. Hope they work it out soon.

  2. #2 • JasonL •

    Aw man. This is a real shame. I hope the place comes back.

  3. #3 • D.ana •

    Well I wasn’t impressed the last time there; we felt that “salmon” was misrepresented on the menu (it turned out to be lox); the pineapple rice pudding was sickeningly sweet and inedible (and I LIKE sweet!), and horseradish salad dressing just isn’t good. Just my opinion…hope they can get their act together as we need good dining in this neighborhood.

  4. #4 • Diane •

    As is generally the truth, it’s best not to post info from anonymous sources. Talk to the owners/chef directly and get the correct info. Anonymous sources sometimes don’t know the entire story. Maybe they just closed to re-vamp things I’m pretty sure both partners are chefs and if one left the other could keep the restaurant open.

  5. #5 • Travis Milton •

    Not sure how the article that Karri wrote contradicts my tweet and proves the anonymous source correct. I left as is obvious at this point, but karri made no allusions to an anonymous source somehow knowing what the future holds in store for me. I you see them, please let me know, I’d like to also know when I am going to die, and if I’m ever going to win the lottery.

  6. #6 • Richard.H •

    No problem, I’ll let you know if I hear anything more. Apologies and I’ll make some edits to the information above.

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