City looking for some artwork for new fire station

From the Planning and Development Review board:

The City of Richmond Public Art Commission is seeking qualified artists to create commissioned outdoor artwork for the new Fire Station #17. The selected site is located on the site of the soon to be complete station on Semmes Avenue. The total purchase budget for this project is $27,000.
There will be a pre-submission meeting on Thursday, March 22, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. at the site located at 2211 Semmes Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. Click here for informationClick here for an overhead aerial of the proposed stationClick here for a plan layout of the station.

Below you can see my submission. I’m choosing to ignore the word “qualified” and budget. My piece would 3/4 life size and of course shoot flames and water.


  1. #1 • Phil Riggan •

    I’m thinking something canoe themed, since the park is Canoe Run. Honor the river! Either that or Buttermilk themed, since the area used to be dairy farms and the nearby spring cooled the milk before selling downtown. Boom. Create that.

  2. #2 • Chris Rose •

    Submission deadline was 02/24…..

  3. #3 • Richard.H •

    Yes the website makes no sense. It does say a submission deadline of 2/24 but in the same document it has these calendar listings.

    February 23: Call emailed out and posted on web

    March 22: Pre-Submission Meeting for Artists

    April 13, 2012: Applications due

    April 20 – Site Selection Team Meeting; Finalists Notified

  4. #4 • MichelleH •

    I vote for the Godzilla, Rodan and Ghidorah all being humbled by the proud men of Fire Station #17. As long as we’re ignoring the word “budget”, we could put in a recycling system for the water, so it will infinitely cycle back to the fire engine, and clean burning natural gas will take care of the flames…

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