Scottie Found On Forest Hill

While walking my dog this morning, Sunday, December 04, 2011, around 10:30 am, I saw a woman jogging along the 4200 block of Forest Hill Avenue . A small furry black dog was running along with her and around her feet, nearly tripping her. When she got closer to me, she called out somewhat frantically that it wasn’t her dog and it had just started following her. More info and photo below.

It appears to be a young male Scottish terrier (looks like Toto in the Wizard of Oz), and seems both friendly and anxious. Black collar, no tags. I picked it up and carried it back to my house while the jogger walked with me, holding my dog by its leash.

We fed him and gave him a bowl of water, which he immediately “wolfed.” We fed him again. He was obviously very hungry and very thirsty. Must have been dropped off somewhere in the past few days, and definitely needs a good bath and brushing.

I have called Animal Control to pick it up and take it to the Richmond Animal Shelter. It is the type of dog that would make anyone (or a family) a very sweet and lovable companion. I’m sure it will end up at the SPCA where someone will adopt him. He’s way too cute, and doesn’t even bark!!!

We cannot keep it here and do not have time to put up signs. If this is your dog, please contact Richmond Animal Care and Control, 646-5573, sometime later today or early tomorrow (Monday, December 5).


  1. #1 • Stuffa •

    It appears that dogs are being dumped in the area with increasing frequency…this is so sad.

  2. #2 • Lisa •

    Has anyone had him scanned for a microchip?

  3. #3 • Stuffa •

    I would think that Animal Care and Control will do that as a matter of routine.

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