Manchester is RVA’s Silicon Valley

A bit of hyperbole but not really that far off. Let’s take a look at some evidence to support my audacious claim about our unappreciated corner of RVA.

  • Tumblr moves in. Tumblr allows you to quickly and easily become a blog master. With over 12 million blogs and a world-wide audience of 50 million, it is awesome that they are in our part of town. I have recently become a convert to Tumblr ( and what I like about it most is the ease of use. Wham, bam insta post.
  • Studio 180 moves in. Is a production company that has done everything from commercials to films on both a regional and national level. Including work for Martin Agency and one of the beloved Geico campaigns. That is not all they do, ”One of the most exciting things happening right now involves web content, social media and application development for mobile applications for iPhones, iPads and anything else,” explains Tyler Snidow, director of business development and production.  Quote is from Richmond article.
  • Mobelux releases Carousel. Stick with me for a minute if you’re not a geek with an iPhone. Carousel is a way to experience Instagram on you Mac. Instagram is a photo sharing application that is found on iPhones and iTouches. (I can be found on Instagram as @rwhgeek.) Mobelux, founded in 2008 by Garrett Ross and Jeff Rock they are best known for developing Tumblr applications across various platforms and operating systems.
  • CoLab a web development firm which did Buz & Ned’s BBQ site. How more Richmond techie can you get than doing a BBQ website?
  • Circle S Studio while a more traditional marketing/branding agency has interactive capabilities.
  • CRT/Tanaka gets bonus points right off the bat for having an old trolley car in their office. They have a division devoted to Interactive, Social, and Creative and an incredible list of national and international clients. Including Martin Jetpack, yes jetpacks. The biggest dream of every geek since being able to hurl an action figure into the sky. I want a H&H branded jetpack.

These are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. With all that cheap warehouse space I’m sure that are more down there that I don’t know about but if you do please let me know. I now leave you with a jetpack.


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