Legend Loses’s Best Restaurant with View

This is what 3rd Place looks like - Photo from the Legend website had a online poll that let it’s readers vote on the Best Restaurant with a View. Local favorites Legend Brewing and The Boathouse were in the running. It wasn’t even a race. The Boathouse crushed all the competition with 46% of the vote. Legend managed take 3rd just barely missing out on 2nd. While I certainly can’t argue with the result it begs the question, that being a city with one of the most beautiful rivers in the country why aren’t there more restaurants taking advantage of the view?


  1. #1 • jd •

    Nothing like sitting waterfront at the Boathouse overlooking the sewage treatment plant! Just pray that the wind is blowing from the North

  2. #2 • Stuffa •

    A limiting factor is the railroad.

  3. #3 • Peter •

    Worse yet, it was beat out by Capital Ale House in the innsbrook office complex, confirming once again that people in the far west end have no taste.

    As far as I can tell, is primarily created and consumed by folks living on the periphery.

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