MORE Trailwork on Belle

From the Richmond MORE (Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts) Facebook page;

For those of you who need the refresher – This Saturday 1-29-11 @ 9am we will continue work on the new trail on Belle Isle. This is the trail that takes you from the service road near the hydro plant back around to the lost garden. The trail is looking great but it’s not quite finished yet. That could be different if we get a few extra pairs of hands out there on Saturday. Here’s a little secret: If you need an extra little bit of “Go Power” or “Somethin’ Somethin’” or just a swift kick of caffeine, stop by CrossRoads Coffee & Ice Cream (across from Forest Hill Park) for a tasty pastry and some great coffee before you head over to Belle.Where: The easiest thing to do is park in the Tredegar street parking lot (the lot commonly used for Belle Isle/Browns Island events. Underneath the train tracks near Tredegar Iron Works) and cross the concrete footbridge to gain access to Belle Isle. Once on Belle Isle follow the paved pathway towards the back of the island to the wooden access bridge. You can also park on 21st St. and ride your bike over to come in the back side.


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