Richmond Past: Street Name Origins

Do you lie awake at night wondering about how your street got it’s name? Worry no more I have the answers for you or rather I have re-typed the answers from the booklet “Westover Hills – Richmond’s Most Beautiful” which is a reprint of a 1935 real estate brochure. Available for purchase at Forest Hill Antiques in the Statford Hills Shopping Center.

Belleau Road – Belleau Wood in France; also means Beautiful Water
Evelyn Bird Road – Daughter of Colonel William Byrd
New Kent Road – New Kent County Virginia
Caledonia Road – Ancient name of Scotland
King William Road – King William County Virginia
Sylvan Road – Meaning Forest Road
Devonshire Road – Devonshire England
Prince Arthur Road – Prince Arthur (who would have guessed?)
Peterborough Road – The fianacĂ© of Evelyn Byrd, daughter of Colonel William Byrd founder of Richmond
Bruton Road – Bruton Church in Williamsburg
St. James Court – St. James Park, London
Regent Circle – Regent Street, London
Buckingham Road – Buckingham County Virginia
Clopton Street – Judge John Bacon Clopton, who missed by one vote of being a candidate for vice president*
Porter Street – David Porter, a Navy hero who in 1811 commanded the Essex and captured the first British war vessel in the War of 1812*
Semmes Avenue – Rear Adm. Raphael Semmes, who commanded the Sumter, the first vessel of the Confederate navy, and who later commanded the commerce raider Alabama. He came to Richmond in 1865 and was rear admiral and commander of the James River Squadron.*

*I found these street origins at Discover Anybody know any more?

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  1. #1 • Anon •

    Anyone know info on Northrop St?

  2. #2 • Richard.H •

    Don’t know but was able to determine that there was a William Northrop that was president of Virginia Electric and Power Company from 1909 to 1912. More info on Northrup here:

  3. #3 • Liberty •

    what about stonewall? lol

  4. #4 • Janet •

    The owner of the land grant plantation house on the corner of
    New Kent and Cedar told me that Cedar Lane describes the originial cedar trees that lined the entrance to the plantation,
    dating to the 1700′s, I believe.

  5. #5 • Wil •

    Anyone know why Taylor is Taylor and not 44th?

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